when i stopped believing in fairy-godmothers

i have seen war

battles declared and victor’s pomp

hand to hand combat and covert mission

under a dense canopy of pecan trees

scarlet nectar splattered on pink rose buds

blood and flesh glimmers in moonlight

hatred tastes like electricity and copper

anger, rage, radical vengeance, frenzy

call forth the morrigan

i have felt my feet stomp on red clay dirt

my body danced havoc to her ancient song

bones snapping and skin peeling

to feel meat between your teeth

the only sounds left in the world

heart beats and cries of pleasure and pain

minutes are days and months are seconds

there is no space or place or time

there is no past there is no future

there is no thought

there is only knowledge


i have stood at the end

but there is no glory and no glamour

i have seen war and never left home

there was no peace treaty in family matters

growing up drunk on ardath street wichita falls, tx



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