plastic surgery of the soul

i feel like i have been walking in circles

round & round & round

under the hot texas august sun

lost in my own backyard

alone and scared and unsteady

who’s the mirage

who’s real

i forgot the comradary

of humanity and decency

the vivid, the lucid, the dull, the forgotten

dancing for protection of virtue

my fragile, feminine  virtue

submerging with no resistance

drowning in holy water

drowning in sand

the lies, manipulations, whispers

tornadoes whipped up by

-big red lips with big white teeth

-gawky and gangly and dull

-the progressive social sewage

it’s sand paper on my heart

wearing me down until i am raw

seeping infection of the soul

days of dignity are fading

truth and authenticity

packed their bags and hopped a train

the last we heard they were living in uruguay

under the new names

president jose mujica


his lovely wife lucia topolansky


*president jose mujica has been nicknamed “the poorest president in the world”, which is something that he seems to take much pride in-that and many many other things have put him on my top 100 most badass of the badassery list.


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