what was “once upon a time” is now

there was a bit of my soul i cut away

i put in an envelope before we reunited

i was afraid it would be lonely

so i added a letter and pictures and magic rocks

to entertain and comfort that deep aspect

that primordial essence of me-past, present, future

i have scars inside and out

i have fears of things with no names

i have fears with names-those are nightmares

the fairy tales, stories of fate, love at first sight

before that night in november, in a crowded restaurant

i was 100% sure love between lovers was impossible

the fairy tales, stories of fate, love at first sight

those were ploys to sell poorly written music

only the suckers read romance novels

(i still think romance novels are pretty gross)

you taught me how to love so deeply

i resonate with the immortal, the ancient

a love that helps me call down the moon

i still dance with you free and open and happy

even if i can’t stand on my feet

i hope to laugh with you beyond death

in every lifetime i want to sleep

my head on your shoulder, you rubbing my hair

i want to walk my steps of infinity holding your hand

you are beautiful

you are magic

you are pure

you are divinity




One comment

  1. lkuntz2014 · February 25, 2015

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