love unbelievable

there are times i close my eyes

i can hear the harmony of us

there we were always

your teardrops are like rain

hitting a tin roof at midnight

your sadness is suffocating

i see you, the all of you

even the you tucked away

hidden in locked boxes

strength, grit, guts

take back your voice

and tell the world to fuck off

you are beauty

you are powerful

you are moonlight

and you are strong enough to call in the tides



  1. lilypup · March 6, 2015

    Very nice…thank you!

    • calmingcalamities · March 6, 2015

      thank you so much!!! i really appreciate feed back! i wish i could say “o i can take constructive criticism blah blah hippy happy butterflies” but i can’t, really, at first. first i throw a fit, holding my breath-the whole nine yards,. i yell, i stomp, i make up cuss words, then i say “well hell they were right” or “i see what they mean but this is my thing bc_______________”

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