i watched you devour my heart/somethings you can’t apologize away

we are circus freaks

ornamental and flamboyant

we are miscreants

abominable, undesirable, unacceptable

the house of vipers and lies

blending enough reality

to disguise falsehood

we only know how to dance

to the rhythm of disingenuous

we are heathens, unkept

there is no place for us

in the progressive high society

such sweet liberals

fighting for the freedoms

when it is understood and direct

“fighting for the rights of homos

well, that’s just…..messy”

there is no place for us

in the gutters and the slums

we are the first raped

we are the first killed

we are the last noticed

missing signs picturing

dykes/twinks/muff-munchers/bears/queens with things/kings without

don’t get much circulation

what is a fag worth these days?

a chicken?

the sound of bone smashed on the curb

holds a different pitch than on asphalt

blood stains the earth

an unholy sacrifice

stalking, preying, torturing, burning, bleeding

but the forces and consequences are not mine

i watch the fear, the trembling

i hear the sobbing and moans of loneliness

i bare witness to the damn breaking

knowing without doubt

there will never be safety again

i’ve held the hands of strangers

who were never strangers

because we were/are/forever will be

comrades in a war to exterminate

we nefarious, perverse monsters

we will paint our faces with delicate smiles

with just the right tones and hues

it will be beautiful

it will be fantastic

when 20 years have flown by

and the pictures are pulled out

and bouncing babies are asking questions

there will be no reason to explain

the carnie freakshow that is us




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