family strength and pride

there is a language

without sound

without movement

rapid fire of chemicals

a deep pounding in the chest

an ancient feeling swimming in plasma

it is the tongue of the wild

panting of the barbarian, the heathen

passed through blood and rebirth

warriors, fierce men and women

screeching and scratching

gouging eyes and pulling away jaws

with righteousness in their hearts

the adrenaline sparking awareness

most people today

those too civilized and kept

playing capitalist games of whimsy

holding the power of the people

making decisions over cognac and veal

telling highly boring classified secrets

to highly toxic street whores while getting head

there are those who are desperate

not to live but desperate to die

die inside, walking talking monsters

set to destroy beauty and hope

these are those lost to tradition

deaf to the battle cry

they are the murderers of equality

the wielders of social swords

demanding payment for rent

itemized bills

this body, water, food, the earth i belong to

there is nothing owed truly

i am free to be a fighter

i am free to be a thinker

i am free to be true grit



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