dying is soooooo boring

pills pills pills

glorious wondrous

dancing on the fence of healthy

concoctions and intoxicants

to delight the senses

and numb the mind

uninfect the infected

feed the malnurished

when the capsules fail

when the powders float like pollen

medicine mixed in hydrocarbons








petroleum- waste


magically blended to perfection

formed into a bullet

to shove up the ass

of the beautiful

princess of projectile vomiting

waiting to take more

elixirs, potions, witch’s brew

liquids in glass bottles or plastic bags

the skin broken and serum infused

muscular or intravenous methods

isopropyl alcohol, syringes, catheters

leaving behind dark purple knots

on the skin for all the world to see

waiting to be violated again and again

waiting to smile and give thanks

hoping at every fountain

wishing on every star

begging and bartering when i have nothing

i can live with bruises

pain, nausea, falling, sleep deprivation

i can live knowing there will be tests

at any given time in my life

most involving orifices

shoving ribbed hoses with cameras

down my throat and up my ass

delighting in the discomfort

bombardment of bullshit terminology

in hopes to shut the stupid girl up

poorly veiled threats of mistreatment

but i am at the mercy of vultures

cretins and belly-crawlers

i don’t go down the path

the one that looks so simple

and bright and sunny

i will try to stay on this path

and heal in the future



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