naughty naughty, wretched

the stench of your desperation

permeates the air

such a suffocating disposition

queen of the queers in little-pond, nowhere

setting fire to my intellectual property

howling, cackling laughter, shrills of delight

for every tear that broke from my eyes

finding the debasing of my reputation

delectably, delightfully, delicious

you are visible to me, the way you are

the honeyed voice and feigned compassion

cuddle huddle with those i love

and whisper in their ear tiny rips in reality

until the picture is a cheap fuck

big red lips snarled in a bitch smile

you have your whores at your feet

the creme de la creme of human garbage

the risk to the lives of others

will never be equal to a photo-op

turning people away

forcing what you deem right

onto the backs of the isolated

you are the worst sort of damned

the shadow-dweller, the gutter rat

when did you sell your humanity

or was that something that never existed

you and your concubines, your big-wig way

one day the imaginary zen will disappear

and the foul monster born to your parents

will leave you writhing and screaming

the thought brings me comfort and sweet dreams


One comment

  1. teddyrannila · March 22, 2015


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