triggerwarning-the monster

so many people don’t know who you are

they walk past you, some smile and nod

they see a middle aged guy, that’s all

they don’t know the insidious nature

the sweet mother who defends you

denying all evidence of who you are

it won’t be long before

the trips to the pawn shop, the recycling center

with all her piping

and still she will close her eyes and sigh

telling herself it’s just another house repair

but it isn’t

it’s your only method to fix

blunted needles and little baggies

the king of the methamphetamine

you have the old skank who will trick

but that is not what you prefer, desire

you call them ripe and ready by age 10

then it’s all a game of power and lust

your dick getting hard as they walk by

fuck the whore but close your eyes

she is not who you want to see

she’s too old and broken for you

i saw the 13 year old who was pregnant

i watched the chaos of no one finding out

trips to the abortion clinic clear it up

you told her she was the special one

her sister gave her to you for a present

she sat back and watched hand in shorts

as disgusting and heartbreaking as that is

you have committed much worse atrocities

the daughter asleep, looking just right for picking

the rape of the little girl a nightmare lived ever night

her refusal to go to sleep

protection against her dad

then when she became boring or too old, less desirable

you turned to the other girl, your other daughter

your sister, you daughters, your lovers all still children

but they can’t be children anymore, that was stolen

the innocence that lived inside now on the floor

the day of reckoning is coming and you can’t escape

i hope you suffer because they suffer by knowing you

have you found another one, a new child to destroy

you are a child rapist

the lowest form scum around

i don’t care about your problems during your teen years

or how daddy didn’t love you enough, spewing excuses

i don’t want to hear you







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