never expected

the future is silent and shrouded

she can be a coy day dream

or a deja vu vixen in red fishnets

what’s up and coming is her whimsy

trips to the fortune teller to get a head-start on

preemptive adjustments, details, dinner dates, plane tickets

sometimes it feels like cheating at solitaire

but we do

there are sweat-shops pumping products

watches, calendars, organizers, dated bullshit

so we can pencil in life just in case we are still getting down

tues october 23 at 7:28 pm

there are infinite inane possible probabilities

ready and waiting to swerve our course of action

in the pure light of knowledge, with full understanding

i smile as the moon appears in her glory

i grumble at the sun until i pour coffee into my mouth

i make appointments and plans and reservations

i make room for anticipation and joy

i recognize the sheer randomness

the scientific magic of it all

gravity, the big bang, evolution, earth’s rotation

spinning day into night

grand love affair with solar flare

singing praises of seasons

two independent half cellular structures colliding

forming an entirely new entity

there is no guarantee of future episodes

we are not promised even the moment now

life is a journey of attempts to travel up a silk thread

there is no trophy at the top, no blue ribbon or pot of gold

my love, my lesson, my religion, my life, my god


i taste ambrosia, peaches, melons and chocolate

every movement is a dance

every embrace is an endearment

i am my own authority

i move with intent and motivation

i live within consent and contentment

i refuse to surrender to the voice of others


One comment

  1. Anonymous · December 18, 2015

    You’re ambrosia. 😀

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