viva revolution

holding the hand of the sinful and hated

anger propelling the actions of the desperate

those ready to fight, those willing to lose

sadness plays her part introduced with a theme song

the triple goddess guarding all life against bliss

others scream of knowing who what when where

they stalk and walk and talk a good game

but when the time comes to do and dance

when the music kicks up a cool cat jitterbug

the dance floor is empty, no whirlie twirlie

living in plastic boxes, names burned into wood

the sign hanging above the compartment door

there is the omnipotent and all powerful magician

it is all just a musical play for amusement

keeping the masses busy and drunk and high

they are much easier to placate this way

a decline in the pesky questions and theories

a musical brought to you by purdu pharmaceuticals

greed lust envy sloth wrath gluttony and pride

making guest appearances and signing autographs

everyone is coming to the after-party, it will be swell

it’s the party of the centuries, raves and ecstasy

whistles, glow lights and meaningless music

with too much bass and too little meaning

dancing zombies, and toy soldiers wound too tight

consciousness and meaning in strobe lights

complacency and apathy spinning out of control

it’s no longer the rebellion it once was

the edge, the sharp blade now dulled and rusted

i am not an automaton disillusioned

i am

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