pouring my heart out

i have been working so hard on our new zine.  it’s an incredible project!  not just for the amazing people and their amazing work, it’s the open and diverse.  and although i love it, sometimes it is a bit exhausting.  it’s like everything else in life-busting ass is the only way to accomplish.  in that busting ass there is happiness, fear, loathing, excitement and overwhelming elation, but i have let my blogging and poetry fall by the wayside.  some of you know i started another blog, i am coming back to this one, this is my home.  i am hoping to keep up with my blogging and poetry; i set a goal to write a poem at least once a week.

for those of you curious about the zine-mostly because it’s bad ass- here is the link:


sorry it is not available for mobile viewing…we can’t afford the plan that allows for that privilege.  if you would like to help we have a gofundme account: