the long slow kiss goodbye

i am running out of addresses

no more places to hide

i knew if i let myself bleed once

it would never stop

if i exposed one bit of me

i would go up in a blaze of unglory

and here it is puddles of blood

the insides of me outside

for all the world to laugh at

rubbed raw with sandpaper

dried spit from passersby in my eye

there are no more tears left

i gave up on me last night

all the grit all the grime all the fight

i packed it in a neat little box

and started the funeral pyre

the curse is no matter how i beg

no matter how much i plead

no matter how much i bleed

i can’t escape

i am glued to this spot

eyes wide open

watching the world watch the freakshow of me

rocks slamming my head

and then the venus walks up and twists my heart

to remind me how sweet death would be

and how far away i am from it

there is no rest for the wicked