crash boom bam pizzazz and party favors

these bombs

shake the pictures off the walls

leaving windowpanes vibrating like a beehive

these bombs

ripping apart the sides of mountains

where dinosaurs used to roam

these bombs

fired by 18 year old kids

with questionable criminal histories

with questionable mental stability

these bombs

just practice for the real deal

prototypes for the ones to be sent over there

these bombs

don’t send us running for cover

aren’t aimed at our homes

these bombs

a constant reminder we will force

any peoples to do what we want

these bombs

are meant to spread democracy

into lands where democracy was stripped away

by the bombs sent before them

these bombs

these bombs

these bombs

send tears down my cheeks

these bombs

will take a child away

these bombs

will break through the bricks of hospitals

these bombs

will settle on school desks

these bombs

leave humanity vibrating with the magnitude of loss



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