readers beware


this blog is based on a wide varieties of topics that are relevant in my life and the lives of those around me.  i am an anticapitalist, i am an extreme proponent of the environment, an activist and an anarchist.   i believe in human rights for everyone, i am against nationalism and racism-most isms bother me.   this is my blog and i voice my opinion on here.  i do not expect everyone to agree w me, that would be boring, and while having trolls on your page can bring about a giggle or two and give me just reason to think “damn ppl are weird!”, it can get a bit annoying. like walking through a hive of gnats.  if you wish to have open and free discourse,i am down, but if you are just looking to pick a fight, you will be sadly mistakes, especially if you aren’t educated on what you are wanting to argue about.   i am not big on censorship, so your posts will remain up, as will all replies.  if you are so bored that you need to pick fights w ppl you disagree w, why not start your own blog?  that will actually be a better medium for you to get your views across then to leave comments on this space.  see, this is my space, right here right now, this is my cyberhome, where i am allowed to express myself freely, and i will not stop doing that.  so if you disagree please comment but please be respectful if you are wanting your point to be taken seriously at all, otherwise you will get what you give and probably in spades.



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