submissions for the frei art cooperative

we are looking for submissions: poetry, short stories, articles!   if you are an indie artist we would love to hear from you!

we have several projects going on right now.

the contritions of the phoenix zine that focuses on indie art (visual, written, musical) and social commentary that sheds light on classism, queer related issues,the environment, sexism as well as global events.  we also like jokes-a lot of jokes.

wild flowers for eric is a zine that focuses on mental illness.  we are looking for stories, art, music that brings mental illnesses to the forefront in order to help people understand the struggle of living with mental illness, loving someone who has a mental illness and hopefully how to navigate through society to find help.  all the proceeds will be going to a family who lost a husband/father to suicide.

and the topic is…a panel of individuals from varying backgrounds all presenting their side of a different queer related topic every month.

we want to present a wide variety of artists!  if you have art, stories, articles, rants, reviews, comics, music, etc that you would like to submit please email 



typod mary-web comics to make your head spin


click here to see some really awesome web comics

my friend jenn meyers is a fantastic artist who lives in albequerque, new mexico!!!! is the website full of her and her husband’s fun and thought provoking comics. “all the growing things” is a wonderful book that gave me a good case of the giggles and quite guafawk-laughs even in the midst of illness that would even make liger the dog jump with surprise!   jenn takes you into a world full of creatures, crazy and cats!!!!  she brings to light all the issues faced when gardening!

beehive collective

beehive collectivebeesandgrange

for those of you in the anarcho-activist world, the beehive collective is a pretty commonly known entity.  for those of you outside that circle, you should really check out who they are and what they do.  this is a group of some of the most talented artists in the world working towards environmental, economic and political sanity.

they are hived in machias, maine, and have done so much good for the community there!

check out their art and contact them!  they are normal, good ppl who give a shit about making life livable for all of humanity.