christina fallin does it again

christina fallin does it again

o christina christina christina….man, you keep diggin that rich white girl privilege hole deep and deeper don’t ya, sweetheart!  god bless ya bc you are a complete asshole!!!!!!!

apples, trees, the vicinity of one in relation to the other…

quick synopsis in case you don’t follow the forever hateful oklahoma goings on-

mary fallin=evil governor who signs laws to strangle the average citizen of oklahoma.  one of the triple divinity of homophobes who threaten to make all marriage in oklahoma illegal if it is federally mandated that states that recognize straight marriage must recognize gay marriage-she has already stripped the benefits of all national guard members in order to not pay the gay spouses, cuts to education funding, denial of health services, major cuts to social programs like food stamps despite the overwhelming poverty in the state (85% living below the poverty line) not to mention her war on women.

christina fallin=mindnumbing assclown daughter to the evil governor.  she can’t really be considered evil bc she is seriously not smart enough for all that.  she is in a band??  she has recently been in the media for her racist shenanigans.   in early march fallin minor released a promotional photograph of herself in a headdress.  lil fallin was confronted by ppl who see these sorts of things as ummmm cultural appropriation and offensive and not ok.  most of the native ppl i personally know and discussed this whole gross deal with, looked at the original issue of the photograph and the offensiveness as a part of social ignorance.  the real trouble came when christina fallin made a public “apology” which was far from an apology-it was a laundry list of stupid ass excuses as to why she should be able to wear native regalia she has no clue or concept about, my personal favorite excuse that she vomited out was it’s pretty and i wanna have pretty things too!  so instead of taking that experience and saying “damn, even if i don’t understand why, obviously people are offended when i play dress up in sacred native regalia” she made constant excuses, demeaning those who were offended.

for the most part there was quiet on the great wasteland of okahoma stupid.  momma fallin stepped into the spotlight of wretchedness a few times, mostly bc she been in cahoots with other conservatives drafting legislation to block any increase in minimum wage.  then saturday night april 26th baby fallin took the lead again….

at a music festival fallin came out on stage in a shawl that with the word “sheep” written on it, and mocking a native war dance.  the word on the street via social media spread by pink pony the band that christina fallin fronts was that the mistress of offensive would be in full regalia.  of course this prompted many natives to protest the festival, which really just gave fallin another national boost.

it is sad to say, but very true, that many white ppl are completely unaware of how very offensive these sorts of behaviors can be.  we tend to look at the past through our rose tinted glasses seeing yeah all this happened but get over it, it’s not happening now.  now we are all equal!!!!  this concept of “equality” is a hazard.  first of all-no, we are not equal.  equal doesn’t even appear the same way on the brown side of the fence as it does on the white side.  when you are a member of a minority, and your “equality” was a political campaign and is only in place due to legalities, you can have that ripped out from underneath you at any moment.  it’s not a right, it’s a privilege for all ppl of other than to be recognized as human and entitled to rights.  white ppl like to think that we are extremely removed from the prejudices and hatred of the past, it happened so long ago, it should be dead and gone, but this is not at all what is going on in the world!  there are many many many native americans who were sent to the reform schools still alive.  there are natives who grew up looking at scars caused by small pox on the bodies of family members.  this is not ancient history, it is still alive right now today.  the consumption and exploitation of sacred texts, items, ritual, tools, etc is never ever ever ok.  i am pretty far away from being a christian, so if i were to put on that pointy pope hat and start serving sacrament it would offend ppl severely bc that is a sacred rite to many people.  it would obviously be unacceptable bc as a society we do not question the validity of that religion’s sanctity.  for the most part we don’t get offended when we see football players thank their god for the tackle or whatever.  it is not ok to see ppl, families praying before a meal and walk up clapping them on the back.  and yet at the same time we mass distribute white entitlement to cultures that have been oppressed and repressed by ppl who look like us, making happy meal toys from the surviving spiritual, cultural, familial remnants that are remaining of independent nations, white washing and consuming cultures.  it is not ok.  at all.  the foundation of culture and religion and lifestyle is not on the auctioning block. am i saying that white ppl shouldn’t have anything to do with natives and native culture-no that is not what i am saying.  to admire and respect is one thing,  a person is open to understanding and learning without perversion is much different than a person who makes generalized uneducated assumptions never taking the time to understand what they are and are not seeing.  that is demeaning and extremely arrogant!  we are not universally entitled to ownership of anything except ourselves, our knowledge, our experience, our beliefs and our traditions.  there are many planes and areas where lives intersect allowing us the opportunity to learn and teach.  for example my friend is a straight married woman who is comanche and i am a lesbian who is white.  we see the world through different eyes and perceptions, and we keep this in mind when we are discussing issues.  for the most part we agree on things, but our upbringings and cultures bring us to these self-truths in different directions.  is my path more or less valid than hers?  of course not.  is she willing to be patient enough with my ignorance to call me out and explain things from her life-yeah, and i do the same for her.  we have a mutual respect and love for each other.  another example is my partner is from the far north and i am from the south.  we have different words for the same items-i say sacks she says bags, we were raised on different foods, our dialects are different.  is one better, no, obviously one is more comfortable for me and one is more comfortable for her.  but when we take the time to understand where the other person is coming from the real education and enlightenment starts.


i am not a racist but….


when i hear the words “i am not a racist but……”  i must brace myself,plant my feet firmly on the ground, clench my fists and lock my jaw bc whatever comes after those words is going to be the most denigrating shit ppl can spew from their talk hole.  when ppl must give a preamble to their thoughts assuring you that what is coming up seems racist but in it’s intent is not racist means you are about to inflict racist ideology onto me and i do not give my consent to that.  this has been a problem with me for a long time.  i usually interject before the racial slime can ooze out of the mouth of the bigot i am talking to, warning them that i will not be quiet if what they say is demeaning to a large group of ppl based solely on generic judgments and bad education…so they run the risk of my verbal backlash.

so i brought this up, and my son’s girlfriend who is extremely culturally and ethnically diverse says “why don’t we say i am not racist but then follow it up with stuff that has absolutely nothing to do w race at all…i am not a racist but my ingrown toenail is painful!”  this is bc she is brilliant!  it is the thing around here to say.

o and it’s not just race, here are a few other things that i have heard predisgustingnonsensicalstereotypes:

i am not a homophobe but

i am not a bigot but

i don’t hate women but

i am not prejudice but

i don’t hate muslims but

i don’t hate jews but

i don’t hate christians but

all of these preemptive statements lead to hateful nastiness.


trans-women left out in the cold by the mainstream lgbtqa community

click here for the story: trans-women left out in the cold by the mainstream lgbtqa community

cece mcdonald and chelsea manning are just 2 recent examples of the mainstream gay community turning it’s back on trans ppl despite the overwhelming need of support this group of ppl  especially have.  transwomen are the targets of police brutality and profiling. unreported and undocumented rape, when a rape is reported it is not taken seriously bc well all trans women are prostitutes in the eyes of the law,therefore they had it coming…sound familiar?  transppl are the most brutalized ppl at every turn of society and the darker the skin the more likely they are to be on the end of a pole to the face or having a bottle bashed over their skull.  so, where the hell is the outcry from the gay community?  why the separation?

this is just my opinion and is based solely on my experience with a few mainstream lgbtqa groups.  i may be totally off, but this is what i have seen as a common problem…..

the gay community as a whole is fighting to assimilate into the mainstream culture.  yes we are gay but we are just like you!  queers have moved out of their own communities and into the suburbs.  we have gone from bandanna boys to suit and and trademarked rainbow pride ties.  sure signs that we as a community are growing up, wanting to establish families, and blend in, but at what cost?

we are giving up our culture for the prefab manufactured hetero-normative lifestyle.  instead of demanding our rights as we are, we are willing to  put our culture and our history aside.  this is ok if that is what you want to do!  what i am not ok w is leaving our transgender and gender queer ppls to fend for themselves bc they can’t blend as easily as say a butch gay man or even a butch lesbian.  so the gay association with the transppl is on rocky terms.  it’s like realizing your best friend isn’t one of the cool ppl in high school-do you chose to go sit at the cool table wo your best friend of tell them to fuck off if they can’t accept your friend, too?  for me this is an easy one, but it seems as though the mainstream gay community is doing the opposite of what parents tell their children to do when faced w this dilemma in grade school, they are choosing the cool kids.

i can somewhat understand how the political aspect of the chelsea manning case might be a bit much for nonpolitical ppls to take on but when it comes to the outright media mockery of chelsea as a transgendered woman and the insistence of refusal to address her as a woman with feminine pronouns and her chosen name should be an issue the lgbt community is jumping all over!  cece mcdonald was protecting herself from physical assault, but due to the fact that she is a black transwoman made her guilty from the moment her assailant began the assault-no i didn’t mistype, she was guilty from the moment the person assaulting her began!  so where are the outpouring of letters and petitions sent to every inbox of every left, democrat person by changeDOTorg. where is the human rights campaign, where is the southern poverty law center or the naacp?  where are the groups that are formed to fight for the downtroddened and hated?  why are there no picket signs and political demands?  why are we not screaming at the top of our collective lungs for justice?

i am tired of this hypocritical nonsense!  i am tired of being a part of a group that would abandon me at the drop of a social whim bc maybe lesbians will be outta style next season!  i am not a hetero-normative woman with religious indoctrination and pradda shoes!!  queer ppl have a long history, of political radicalism and breaking the ropes binding them to arbitrary rules.  this history and culture are embroidered with the lives of the trans ppls, and to not hold them as brothers and sisters of the movement is disgusting.

the r word

i have met many ppl who are liberal/progressive in their thinking.  these ppl are usually feminist, prochoice, socially sensitive, use proper adjective to describe minorities, etc.  most of the ppl who are amoung the progressive elite, they are white, extremely educated and wealthy.  they donate money to orgs like the southern poverty law center and the naacp.  they write letters to law makers and vote.  really these ppl are nice, caring and utterly disconnected from reality.

when the topic of race comes up, they are ready!  

“i can’t be racist!  i have 2 black friends, and i voted for obama!  i am so not racist, i don’t see race!”  this is usually said in a high pitched squeal indicating how impassioned they are.

as white ppl we have the privilege of not seeing race.  we have the ability to walk down the street, and not notice.  we don’t notice that when a person of color goes into the electronic department of walmart, they are followed by the undercover security officers.  we don’t feel the alienation that a black man walking down the street feels when the white couple sees him and crosses to the other side of the road while walking past him then crossing back again.

we don’t teach our children how to handle it when the police pull them over.  for most of us white ppl the only time we are pulled over is if we break the law, this is not true for ppl of color.  it is not rare for a person with brown skin to be pulled over for trivial things like driving through their neighborhood, acting too suspicious, avoiding the police.  these are not rare things, these are things that happen all the time.

a friend of mine told me a story the other day, and i have been working it through my mind for quite sometime trying to justify it in some way, but there is no justification for it, and i can’t just sit on it any longer.  one day my friend’s friend, who is hispanic, was standing on her porch enjoying the day.  her neighborhood is like most neighborhoods in our town-you have 3 blocks of quiet, nice and cozy houses then you run into very low income housing rampant with drugs and poverty; our town is very integrated racially in comparison to alot of other cities, and there are many many white ppl living in low income neighborhoods.  the friend lived a couple of blocks down from an apartment complex that has been known selling crack.  so the friend was out enjoying the day on her property, and a white man approaches her.  he walks up to her porch and tries to sell her something.  she said no, and have a good day.  well, this guy was in desperate need of money, and he attempted to rob the woman on her property on her porch.  she pulled her cell phone out and called the police, while on the phone with the police the man stabbed her.  the police rush to her house, they are always in her neighborhood.  by the time the police got there the man had walked further down the street.  she is on her porch, spewing blood, and the police approach her guns drawn.  they put her in handcuffs.  they go and get the man who stabbed her.  he had the stabbing instrument on him covered in her blood.  they put him in cuffs.  they take them both to jail.  he went to jail for stabbing her, but she went to jail bc she must have done something to provoke the incident.  a white man doesn’t just walk around stabbing hispanic women. she was released later that day, but the damage was done.  she now has an arrest record.  her family and neighbors saw her cuffed and pushed into a police car.  she cannot call the police even when being physically assaulted bc she is too brown.

white ppl have the privilege to ignore facts,  racism doesn’t exist as long as we don’t see it.  we don’t see that 85% of prisons across the country are filled with ppl of color, most for nonviolent offenses.  most of the laws are built to alienate people of color from society.  police have the authority to stop and frisk without cause.  district attorneys are granted full licence on who to prosecute and to what to prosecute them for.  judges can sentence a convicted criminal to life for one nonviolent offense in some cases.  lawmakers create laws to cause a chasm between races.

we pat ourselves on the back bc look at how far we have come in combatting racism-a black man can even be president of the united states now!  the fact is that this should not be exceptional!  when looking at our population diversity, and our government, things don’t exactly line up.  if we had true representation, wouldn’t there be the same amount of hispanic representatives as there are hispanic ppl living in the represented population.  the same goes for black ppl, natives, asians, women, queer ppls, trans ppl, disabled folks, and so on and so on.  

when we see spokespersons for the minorities on television, they are deemed outrageous.  al sharpton is a loud, outspoken, black man.  he is vilianized in the media, and most white ppl just block him out as an “angry black man looking for attention”.  “if that al sharpton would just act more like that oprah winfrey, ppl would like him much better.”  “they are just living in the past and trying to stay victims!  i never owned a slave!”  these are all phrases commonly used among whites, even the white liberals, and even among people of color.

i have wondered why we are so insistent on the idea of being colorblind,  why can’t we see the difference and appreciate the difference, not only in skin color but in culture?  we want to homogenize culture, in turn ripping it away from the ppl, watering it down and giving it to the white population as a tool showing how we are accepting of all ppl therefore proving we are colorblind.  “i have a malcom x poster, eat tamales, and watch anime.  i have even been to a sweat!!!! i don’t notice color and when i do, i don’t care!”  the destructive part of this statement is that “i don’t care” bc we should care.  we should care about the culture of other ppl!  we can appreciate the differences!  it is actually quite healthy for us to study, accept and appreciate without consuming different cultures.  

i honestly believe a major part of our colorblind mentality stems from embarrassment and an inability to reckon the past.  it is difficult to be aware that you have privilege bc you were lucky enough to be born a certain color,  add to that the knowledge of what has been done by your genetic ancestors to the genetic ancestors of those around you, and it is hard to look at.  it is hard to look ppl in the eye.  there is absolutely nothing we can do to atone for past atrocities.  we cannot undo what has been done.  but we can stop acting like these things don’t have a major role in the lives of ppl’s of today.  we can learn the histories of others.  we can take into account the anger as legitimate backlash of oppression bc there are still ppl alive who were direct victims of genocide. instead of trying to sweep it under the rug or denying that the past happened.  we can stop trying to take what culture there is away from ppl.  

we can talk to ppl!  i think that is the most important thing we as white ppl can do.  talk!  it seems so simple.  to have open honest discourse with ppl of color.  you are allowed to say “i somehow feel responsible but i don’t know what to do about it”.  you can ask questions.  you can listen.  you can talk to other white ppl.  you can become educated about the true history of all ppls. (there were different nations of native americans, each with it’s own culture  and language, family structures, social hierarchy, and governments!  there were over 60 slave languages.  south america is a continent with many countries each with their own government, culture and commerce.  africa is not a country, again it is a continent, many countries, language, dieties, theologies, culture, etc.  islam is not a country, it is a religion.  the list goes on and on of what we are taught as white ppl….really it is degrading to all involved)

*when ppl find out that i am a lesbian, they try their hardest to make me comfortable with their straightness, which i am already cool with, by telling me how they are somehow related to a gay person.  it’s strange.  and it does not make me feel more comfortable to know that you have a certain amount of gayness in our life.  i do not feel closer to you.  it does not make you less homophobic.  the same can be said about having your token minorities of all kinds.  it doesn’t feel good.  please stop.  please realize that voting for obama is not the same as you being involved with actively ending racial discrimination.