justice wears a pink feather boa and combat boots

what the fuck is happening

humanity is disappearing

in a puff of smoke

like a $10 magician

in  a dingy theater on friday nights

the time of innocence dwindles

never allowing our future

a security or a promise

sirens and boots

the song of life

a badge and a gun

the illusion of safety

with the deployment

of tasers and pepper spray

the sound of the club against the skull

crashing wayward

cracking the vagabond

smashing the desperate

who looked

too queer

too poor

too dark

to be up to any good

our promise of a future

of contentment and abundance

whispered in the womb

was a lie

trust has been collected and counted

among the many things

no longer held as sacred

it is ouroboros

cops verses robbers

are the grey days

of history captured and framed in gold

we have graduated

soldiers veruses civilians

police-states verses masses

semi-automatic death

kevlar dresses

sweeping across the floor

chemistry sets creating

criminals in jars

the power found

at the trigger of a gun

is embraced with a kiss

so passionate

so lovely

so sweet

the smell of death

on street corners

mothers throwing themselves

on the funeral pyre

dying with the beloved

crossing  the river styx

the ferryman and his coins



and the lovely persephone

awaiting our patriotic nightmare


no, satanist are just libertarians in better clothes (murphy)

goth-satanist (1)***edited*****rand paul

there are many ppl who look at libertarian philosophies and compare them to anarchist philosophies.  there are ppl who identitfy themselves as “capitalist anarchist”, an oxymoron if ever there was one and i dismiss this terminology and label, but aside from that the two ideals could not be further away from each other.

libertarians call for an end to big government, government control over daily lives and the responsibility of the individual.  and while on the surface your libertarian shouts “no more big government!!!” they are also shouting “but we still want a government!!!!”  the libertarian feels that having a set of law makers is necessary in order to maintain order and peace, it’s the caliber of law that is passed and how it is enforced they seem to have a problem with.    “The U.S. government should defend Americans and their property in America and let the U.S. taxpayer off the hook for the defense bill of wealthy countries like Germany and Japan.” (http://www.lp.org/introduction/the-libertarian-option)

the words “culture”, “heritage”, “american ideals”, “personal responsibility” are thrown around by libertarians alot, and i mean alot!  on the surface these seem like pretty ok words, but when one takes a closer look at these seemingly harmless words one finds a strong undercurrent of racial, sexist and classist elitism.  those who make it deserve to make it, those who can’t make it, well, darwin said it best “survival of the fittest”!  our american cultural heritage was built on the backs of kidnapped, sold, bought,raped, manipulated and lied to ppls.  race was introduced to bring struggle and strife between white slaves and black slaves (we can get into semantics here but indentured servitude and slavery, the same deal just applied to different colored ppls) keeping them far enough apart to fight each other and not focus on the real problem-land owners.   the slaughter of nations of native ppls was justified through the american culture and heritage.  the imprisonment of asian ppls, also, our culture and heritage.  our american values are of monetary, capitalistic measure-if you have money, you have done good, if you don’t have money you have done something to deserve that.  those born outside the united states of america should stay outside the united states of america!  build fences, huge towers equipped with machine guns and man the borders-we have a country to save!

the libertarian calls for lower taxes, a very appealing cry for those who are in the underclass, they also cry for an end to socialized anything.  what does that mean?  well, any program that the government offers to help citizens through the distribution of tax dollars is a bad thing to the libertarian.  this includes food stamps, medical assistance, housing assistance, child support through programs like tanf, educational assistance like pell grants, assistance to ppls with disabilities, etc.  so what do they think we need to do with our tax dollars-protect american values.  the military, which is the biggest welfare program we have in this country, should still be funded through taxation, also, the paychecks of the politicians, which in the libertarian view are still needed, will be signed by the citizens through taxes.  so the call for smaller government actually means “fend for yourself, unless you are “protecting” us from those mean dark ppl!!!!”  no seriously that is what it means.

libertarian philosophy is centered around self, ego, person.  the person is the most important.  i am the most important.  mine is mine!  if you are not fortunate enough to eat it is your fault, you did something wrong, there is noone else to blame.  some eat some go hungry, that is the way it is in nature….blah blah blah!  here is the problem, folks-we have created the nature in which we live.  we have cities and industry.  we have a history of ppl who have been enslaved and who’s forefathers were literally eradicated.  and despite what ppl think about the “founding fathers” and whatever was going through their sexist, classist, white, abled bodied heads in 1776, we have never been a nation where equality turns the wheel of progress.

for the ppl by the ppl….let’s take a minute to envision that.  if we had a government that was a truly representative of america, how would that look?  52% of the population is female, therefore 52% of the government should be female.  about 18% of the population is black-therefore 18% of the government should be black.  of the 18% over half have been arrested, again, this should be accurately represented.  in states like the one i live in where 85% of the population lives below the poverty line, i would expect 85% of the representatives to live below the poverty line.  1 in 88 ppl have an autism spectrum disorder.  can anyone tell me how many of the elected officials have asd’s, i can’t think of one.  less than 70% of the population considers themselves religious or christian, why is god all over our currency and rampant in our legislation?  in states such as mine that were historically territories where we dumped native nations, where the population is a majority of native descent, why are or representatives not reflective of this?  why are there no high school dropouts, persons with std’s, ppl w fetal alcohol syndrome or another developmental disability, ppl who make $7.25 an hour walking the halls of congress?  that is what america really looks like!  but we have some fanatical idea that we are a country of opportunity and of personal achievement.  this is a lie!

anarchism is not libertarianism.  while the libertarian pounds his/her fist for american purity, the anarchist wants to destroy borders.  while the tea party wants smaller government and no social welfare, most anarchist want no government and all social welfare-if one person can have all ppl can have.  most of the anarchist i know believe firmly in the individual, but not above the whole, as an integral part of the whole.  if one person is enslaved we are all enslaved.  there should be no military, no armed forces, no restrictions.  we are all capable of personal and social responsibility.  all ppl are equal-if you are in a wheelchair you will need a ramp to get up steps, we must build a ramp for you bc you sitting out in the rain is a disgrace to all of us.  the capitalistic system serves to divide and conquer the ppl.  being able to depend not only on yourself but on your neighbors is essential and we cannot live without that.

now i am not a moron or an impractical idealist.  we do not live in an anarchist state.  we do not live outside of capitalism.  we live in a country that has a central government that is not representative of the ppl.  but i cannot be on board with any ayn rand/atlas shrugged type thinking.  if there is a government it should be only there to serve the needs of all ppl, the human rights of every person.  since we have a government, and the government officials are paid by the sweat of another’s brow, then why can’t every single person have food?  where is the disconnect between the government and the ppl?  why is it ok for some to live in a house big enough for seven families while there are seven families without homes living in the sewer systems?  why do we bitch about food stamps, tanf, medicaid, medicare and other forms of social care when that takes up like a total of $.20 of our tax dollar but the military alone takes up $.50+ of each tax dollar?  really what would happen if we just stopped bullying the rest of the world with our elitist attitudes and our “we know better bc we have big guns” childish behaviors?

we are not ok.  we are not the country we claim to be.  the citizens are scared, the police are out of control, and we don’t have the ability to stand up and say “this just ain’t right”!  i think that most ppl who describe themselves as libertarians believe in the absolute word of the constitution, which when read and void of any historical events, is a really swell idea.  i know that the ppl i have met who are libertarians really think they are down for smaller gov and not just a shift in gov power and control.  they really believe that ppl are just unable to pull themselves up by their bootstaps bc the gov is a crutch.  but this is not real.  as long as we have sneetches with stars and sneetches with none upon thars, there will never be freedom.  we live in an interdependent web of existence, when one person is hurting it hurts all of humanity.  when one person goes without food we all starve.  wrapping fascism up in a tidy little red white and blue package doesn’t make it less bloody and wretched, it makes us fools.


****while writing this blog post i had a few ppl i personally know in mind.  one of the ppl was a member of the church i used to attend.  he is a retired lt col from the united states army, went to college on a gi bill and hates all social welfare (????)  there were several occasions in which he made nasty remarks about ppl of color, especially black men.  these remarks were offensive to the core, and devalued everyone who heard them.  it is appalling, such behavior.  i find this guy particularly loathesome and repulsive.  he is a big white thumb sticking in the asshole of this nation.

the other person i thought of, is a member of my family.  i love her dearly.  she is a wonderful woman, a smart and supportive person, a great mom!  i just happen to disagree with her politically.  she would never turn her back on anyone that was in need of help.  she has been very supportive of both my partner and i.  and i love her very much.  i hope this didn’t offend her too bad, if she read it.

so what does all this have to do with satanism?  well, for those of you that have done any research involving true satanism, you will know that it is a religion of self, not a religion of evil (with the exception that you put yourself and your needs wants and desires first and foremost).  it has everything to do with ego and nothing to do with humanity, like the libertarian party.  satanism is about your power, your happiness your freedom….you. the end


respect vs fear in an arm wrestlin’ match…wonder who’ll win

Imagethe words respect and fear seem to go hand and hand.  there is a school of thought that says you cannot have respect without fear.  this is extremely disturbing to me.  so i decided to do a bit of digging on the what these commonly used words truly mean.

1re·spect (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/respect )

noun \ri-ˈspekt\

: a feeling of admiring someone or something that is good, valuable, important, etc.

: a feeling or understanding that someone or something is important, serious, etc., and should be treated in an appropriate way

: a particular way of thinking about or looking at something

1fear (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/fear?show=0&t=1379883761)

verb \ˈfir\

: to be afraid of (something or someone)

: to expect or worry about (something bad or unpleasant)

: to be afraid and worried

ok…so as we can see, respect and fear are two totally separate concepts.  so why are they lumped together so often?  why is there a school of thought that in order to have the respect of another person, they must fear you?

we are told we are to respect the police.  what is that respect based on?  it is based on to expect or worry about (something bad or unpleasant) happening.  children are told to respect their parents simply because they are their parents, or adults in general because they are adults.  again, for the most part, this respect is expected for little reason.  respect your teachers, school administration bc they simply exist, even if they have shown you that they are not worthy of someone feeling admiration for them.

does respect (second definition:a feeling or understanding that someone or something is important, serious, etc., and should be treated in an appropriate way) that is given as a result of fear (all three definitions) actually equal true respect (admiration) or is it that the person who is supposed to be giving respect’s only way to come out of a situation unscathed?

it is time we start working toward earning the respect of others.  it is time for us to act admirably simply for the joy of living greatly.  it is time we stop intimidating ppl through threats of violence or emotional abuse, and allow the freedom of thought and personal will/responsibility to steer our lives.

i am a mother.  i do not want my children to look at me as a threat.  i do not want them to be threatened by anyone.  i want them to live their lives according to what they think is moral and just.   i also do not want them to do things for other ppl to respect them.  when reward is the driving force behind our actions they are not free will.