entrance into the cave of the mysteries

i was born mistakenly

without a phallus of my own

the tiny testes were absent

i was born with girlie parts

the xx disaster

in a time and place

where the power of the cunt

has been surrendered

ripped and stripped

tortured, mutilated

and held for ransom

the tides, the moon

the braided feminine

indoctrinated self deprecation

to think

to love

to fuck

to demand

to fight

to own self accountability

to never be afraid to go to hell

to be a whore

gladly and proudly

i know my sisters

i see them in my dreams

women of every shape and size

women of all races, cultures, locations

women who are prisoners in their flesh

the feminine resides in all things

she is stirring, she cannot stay contained

when the shackles are broken

we will see dancing like never before

anam bandia tuatha de’ danann-soul goddess of the family of danu

i am not a lady

i am not proper

i am not a minder-of-words

i am not beautiful

i am not socially acceptable

i am not simple

i am not incapable

i am not illiterate

i am not meek

i am not a pretty princess

i am not concerned with the market

i am not concerned with stock prices

i am not weak

i am not quiet

i am a slut

i am bitch

i am a trouble maker

i am an owner of myself

i am proud

i am aggressive

i am a delver in enjoyment

i am a warrior

i am confusion

i am badb

i am the capacity to slaughter

i am macha

i am havoc

i am nemain

i am the three

i am the war

i am the goddess

i am the great queen

i am the morrigan

i am

i am

i am

i am always

i am forever entitled

i am the ownership

i am the deed and creed

i am unto myself

i am creation

i am destruction

i am birth

i am death

i am rebirth

i am a world

i am my own rite

i will never surrender nor follow

daughters of the water

inside each woman

there is a goddess

danu in a pool

of purity and ancient knowledge

shimmering with truth

abundant with life

striving for justice

you can hear her pulsing

ringing thriving rippling

waves of love and desire

splashing through the center

passed in sacred cups

from grandmother to the next

water driving passion

dedicated to wisdom

it rages tidal waves

of beauty and construction

reason and birth

as you dance barefoot

in the moonlight

revealing your worth