he was sitting on a bench

just outside the sliding glass door




chain smoking

emotional genitalia hanging out

on display for everyone to mock

he didn’t give a shit anymore

he grew up in ohio

where no one smiled

his big escape came in the mail

“You are hereby ordered for introduction into the Armed Forces of the United States and to report to”

to the sunny beaches of california

to the sunny beaches of vietnam

there weren’t no goddamn parades

nobody celebrates

a professional baby killer

and that’s who he was

and that’s who he is




knees bowed under the weight

of his reflection

he ain’t sure about anything


he ain’t ever going back to ohio



the puppet show starts at 1:00

moses went mad

when he shimmied down

the face of mount sinai

he knew god ran out of ink

before the last words

“thou shall think for thy self”

that is the crux of it all

determining the scam from reality

now that’s the money maker

weeding through the piles

of nonsensical bullshit

disguised in a pink chiffon dress

we live and learn and lie

it’s the way it has been

since the evolution and development

of the prefrontal cortex

manipulation comes too quickly

greed, lust, gluttony can be found

at the nearest all you can eat joint

those with shoving food

nonstop into their mouths

while others wait quietly

by the dumpsters

in hopes the cat a the hairnet

smoking a cigarette

is too lazy to pour the poison

on top of the potential meal

just a small ray of hope

brought about by starvation

and sleep deprivation

everything else dances away

need is all that remains

rational, acceptable, obtainable

just concepts that cost too much

participation through apathy

to ignore and forget echoes consent

those on top, nameless and faceless

pulling strings forcing plastic smiles

they don’t worry, they don’t fret

their children do not get sick

all is right in the world

but down here in fuckedville

poverty and desperation is the fuel

every moment is reaction

our instincts polished

time is a luxury item

that we simply cannot afford

carnival only comes once a year!!!

boys and girls children of all ages just step right up

welcome to the fun-filled carnival of hate and slavery

take an adventure into the exotic house of horrors and lies

don’t forget to check out the new exhibit-pariahs on parade

to the left, get cup of cyanide and grape flavored drink

we are proud to offer a chance to win the competition

the name of the game is “happy murder, happy day”

the first three shots are free, then it’s time to pay

the cost is cheap, endless tries for your humanity

just aim and pull the trigger, simple as can be

easy peasy lemon squeezy, even no need to think

send the hatred hurling, hit the beggars bound in chains

a broken face and broken will the beautiful red dripping

forming tidal pools, the more they bleed the more you win

what are the prizes, you ask, this is only for today

you shot down one, you take it home, mount it on the wall

it only gets better from there, the more you hit and fall

the more you win as you climb toward the big score

i see you salivating as you inhale the smell of death

grand prize if you take them out, a clean shot through the head

lucky you! we’ll string you up so the next one shoots you dead


wage gaps-a story of famine for some and feast for the others

an economic guide

we are all aware that there are major discrepancies between the pay of the worker and the pay of the bosses.  this is no new revelation, what is new is a look at how huge the wage gap is!  an average mcdonalds’ employee will need to work almost 4 months of overtime to reach the salary of one hour of the ceo’s work day!  capitalism is broken.  it is a system of legalized slavery of the poor by the wealthy.

the economic discrepancies found just among the 10 corporations listed above are radical proof that things need to change.  this is just a glimpse within the american worker v employer wage gap.  the thought of what the gap between say the ceo of walmart and the factory worker in china where 70% of all products sold in walmart are produced.

while americans are bitching about a possible raise in minimum wage to bring the majority of ppl up to at least the poverty line, we are ignoring the fact that if ceo’s were to take a wage decrease and distributed that to the workers, many of them would no longer need to receive the “evil/vile/socialist/commie/hippie/liberal”  much condemned snap benefits (food stamps) or other forms of social assistance.  the extremely wealthy call for an end to social programs and have complete fiscal anxiety attacks at the idea of raising the minimum wage to such that a person would be able to live on it.  these are the ppl benefiting from the low-cost labor, of course they don’t want things to change for the majority of the country.  opponents to having a minimum wage, not to mention a raise in the minimum wage claim that by paying employees more, it will drive up the price of products therefore the cost of living skyrocket and putting the poor workers right back into the same situation they are in now.  but prices would not need to go up at all if the greedy were to donate an hour or so a week of their pay towards paying the workers something fair.



defense attorney says victim of murder was just a transgender prostitute so his client shouldn’t get as much time

defense attorney says victim of murder was just a transgender prostitute so his client shouldn’t get as much time

the words criminal justice is, in my opinion, generally an oxymoronic contradiction in terms.  rarely is a crime punished in a way that is accurate.  if the victim is a “good” person the sentence is usually higher than if a victim is a “bad”person, same with the criminal, if the criminal is a “good” person most of the time they get less time than a “bad”person.  it’s weird and rarely blind, but i don’t think the courts like to have that blatantly thrown in their faces.

when defense attorney john scarpa told the court “A sentence of 25 years to life is an incredibly long period of time judge.  Shouldn’t that be reserved for people who are guilty of killing certain classes of individuals?” he took it a bit too far.

the idea that one person is a better quality person based on things like gender, economic status, sexuality, skin color, nationality is such a strange concept to me, but it seems to be the rampant theory on which the basis of value is distributed.  it’s not by the actions of a person that our society bases their judgments on, but what the person’s situations are.  

i am glad that in this case the judge did what was right.  

poverty thoughts

poverty thoughts-this is a wonderful article from one woman’s perspective.  she makes several very good points!




Katie Busker passes the potatoes as she sits with her son at the home she shares with her sister and brother-in-law in Independence








we have a limited amount of choices accessible to us.  as a poor woman i know that this will more than likely be my financial state for the rest of my life.  i personally am quite cool with it for me.  what i am not ok with is the idea that my children will dance on the border of calm and chaos, shuffling money to keep the bills from getting turned off and still eat.

despite my lack of formal education, i have my wits and my guts and my complete lack of sensibility to know my place.  i should have been down for the count decades ago, but i am just too damned stubborn to know when to quit.

my kids have a chance!  all three of them are smart, determined, stubborn and tenacious.  they are all goal oriented and know what they want.  they know what it means to fight, we have had to at every turn, for just the bare minimum of what they are owed.  they are all on track to go to college.  that is pretty cool!

real numbers on poor in the united states

real numbers on poor in the united states

we have been told that the middle class is dwindling, that there is an extreme gap between the upper and lower classes, but what we are not told is being poor-like dirt poor-is more than normal it is expected.  80% of americans at the poverty line.  that means that only one fifth of all americans-the richest country in world, the country boosting land of opportunity and streets paved w gold where any orphan annie can get a daddy warbucks-are not in poverty!!!  let me say that again-there is only 1 out of 5 ppl who are living above the poverty line.  another fact that is not talked about is when looking at economic placement of government assistance is taken into account, bringing the numbers up to 80%!!!  so a family may get $300 in food stamps and that brings them up to just at poverty level.  that in light of the cut in the food stamp program is a startling number!  we have 4 in 5 ppl in poverty when getting some sort of assistance that has now been either reduced drastically or pulled out from underneath them altogether!  tell me again how capitalism is working out for the overwhelming majority of ppl…bc from my perch under the poverty line, i don’t see any forward progress.