shake your hips

like a river

lapping waves

on my flesh



open up

sweet goddess

let me drink you

like fresh rain

twist and turn

dance and laugh

sparkles fly out of your mouth

like shooting stars

in the daytime

ecstasy encapsulated

you are the birth of venus


where does moonlight come from

what happens to the soul

when a nun becomes a whore

or a whore becomes a nun

both a rejection of self

both servicing a dick or two

is it the payment

dollars v damnation

or the living quarters

why should we speak in hushed voices

only whispering ghosts of our pleasures

then denying them later

is there no piety in lust and laughter

when the waters churn and drip

is that only blasphemous temptation

or could it be singing of divine revelations

the voice of queen achtland in ecstasy

shrugging off the shame and misogyny

a delightful pride in scarlet letters

owning symbols once used to tether

proud and damned we are

from virgin to concubine

and back again

cerridwen painting rivers of red

the visitor, a white sow

a bouquet of corn stalks

coming by and hanging out

the red river breaking off

into trickling streams flowing

dripping violent cascades

propelled by gravity

the laws of the universe

apply now strictly enforced

we are only allowed to whisper

to say the name brings

with it a punch to the gut

strong men crumble despite

testosterone and arrogance

make jokes dismissing the sacred

the rite of ceridwen hangs

low in the night sky

a knowledge of ancient magic

bubbling pushing expelling

out with the old

in with the new

it’s the tides


up and down

round and round

the cave swept clean of debris

no longer needed for food

no life inside for years

still fueling intuition

the ability

to create

to grow

to feed

to protect

deep inside is the power

of life itself encapsulated

in the red pear shaped space

hibernation over waking in the place

rejuvenation of the body

the relighting of the feminine

is not always lovely a stroll

through the wild wisteria

also causing shivering moments

of orgasmic joy and release

the business of blasphemous

propaganda setting fires

to the bodies of the unfortunate

members homogametic gender

a chasm between the woman

and the power of the moon

the power of the flowing waters

feminine hygiene of poison sanitation

plastic and bleach and astringents

inserted, strapped down, suffocating

purchased to keep it at bay

a social abstract handed out

the masses willingly smile

while being robbed and fucked over

screaming the lies tied in pretty bows

word for word-verbatim of advertising

making money for those detached

subliminal messages removing

the ability of access and wonderment

most reject the visitor’s promises

slamming steel doors in her face

the crone of ancient knowledge

transforming from hound to otter to hawk

soaring up again looking back

she nods her head despite

nativities of the young

her eyes twinkle brightly

watching as she encourages

until metamorphosis complete

the dance of the goddess in your eyes

there are days i run

capturing wind in a jar

i can pluck a star from the sky

put it in a box

and tie it up with a bow

your love smells of honeysuckle

and springtime rain

i want to dive into your eyes

swim in your brain

and then bask in the light

emanating from the inside of you

when i look at myself

a reflection in the window to the soul

when i see me standing there

i am beauty

i am worthy

i am your’s

i am goddess

dancing for your soul

with love and laughter

i will wrap you in a rainbow

you are a sigh of relief

that tingles my toes

laughing, spinning, twirling

bubbles dancing around my head

a childlike innocence growing

inside a landscape

that was deemed barren

void of any life even worse love

you fill me to the brim

over flowing over again

a well springing and pushing

life and love into me

i want to turn the world around

i want to hold it out

giving it all to you

full moon of cerridwen

my wise and peaceful danu


daughters of the water

inside each woman

there is a goddess

danu in a pool

of purity and ancient knowledge

shimmering with truth

abundant with life

striving for justice

you can hear her pulsing

ringing thriving rippling

waves of love and desire

splashing through the center

passed in sacred cups

from grandmother to the next

water driving passion

dedicated to wisdom

it rages tidal waves

of beauty and construction

reason and birth

as you dance barefoot

in the moonlight

revealing your worth