please kindly remove your laws from my girlie parts

hello there

it’s nice to meet you

you can call me “v”

i’m 30 and i am trapped

i am trapped in 1997

walls no windows

projectors playing

i relive the day

the day i turn 13

life changed immediately

i can feel the wind

a hot june texas wind

i can hear the people

the people outside of me

the people having no idea

i know the smell of the room

and the sound of scraping

i wasn’t stupid, i heard it before

“having sex blah blah blah

don’t have sex”

never giving me a way out

no one showed me how

how to be a person

how to validate myself

i am full of regret

i am a monster

i am a murderer

that is what they say

i couldn’t ask for the pill

the shame of sex

it’s powerful and paralyzing

but as i pace my prison

i wonder why

no discussion and no tools

what the fuck was i gonna do

please don’t regret 

love you

birth would have destroyed us

both of us

-the fetus


i’m “m”

i was wild

and crazy

and in love

but the family name

“our” reputation on the line

when my pants were too small

when hiding it wasn’t possible

i went on vacation

not that vacation on the beach

or to vegas

i went to the darkness

i went to live with the nuns

i would feel it move

it would kick my ribs

then that day came

legs spread apart

my body acting alone

pushing even when exhausted

i heard him cry once

then i heard the door slam

he was gone, just gone

according to the church

there was no option

birth control=murder=damnation

i still wonder who he is

i am 43

it’s been a good life

i wasn’t hit

i wasn’t yelled at

i don’t know hunger

thank you for giving me a chance at life

-the baby boy

i need to fix

i am feeling sick


my name is “r”

in my life you do

what you have to

that’s it plain truth

there is no tomorrow

there is only

three hours to get the money

if i don’t….

so i worked

i fucked and sucked

but i got enough money

they pay more

with their dicks exposed

i have a room at the motel

he likes it dirty

whatever to cover the room

last week i had 120 tricks

i ate once or twice

when you fuck someone

already knocked up

that means no child support

some are just into that

i aim to please

i am gonna be honest

i wanted that baby

the police took the others

i had a plan all set up

there was this old lady

she lived two rooms over

sometimes we worked together

she used to be a nurse

it was a sweet lick

all the dope you want right there

she told me how it happened

i can’t remember, something

she got caught….

hey i think that’s it

she was taking dope

she worked in a nursing home

most of them couldn’t talk

hold on a minute,,,,

so the old lady knew what to do

no doctors, no hospitals, no cops

the water broke in the motel office

i was giving the asshole head

then i could feel the water dripping

as soon as his cock was done

he said “you need to clean that up”

“yeah well fuck you”

so it was me and the old lady

we fixed up

poppy, my little girl

it all worked out

it was good for a few hours

i guess it was a few hours

who knows….

then poppy shit everywhere

she kept throwing up

her cry was more of a moan

growling and hushed

she was shaking real bad

her heart was racing

but the old lady said

that is just how babies are

so i laid her down next to me

and we fell asleep

when i woke up

her lips were blue

she was stiff

like a rock with skin

the guy at the front desk

he took her to the hospital

he told them some bullshit lie

they told him poppy was dead

that she died from withdraw

it hurt forever

the forever i remember

it doesn’t hurt now

it doesn’t anything now

i am better

i am glad i got out when i did

but i wish i had you with me

you would sing and it was beautiful


law protecting the fetus

demanding incubation

taking control

of cunts and uteri

those brave enough to terminate

never getting help

those too young

those too alone

those who simply




it doesn’t matter why

dear world,

thank you for your concern

we are a clump of cells

we look human 

but we are chemical reactions

we are the division of cells

we don’t have brains

until we have floated in our water bubble

for 24 weeks

we have gathered together and unanimously 

please let us be until we are wanted

-the babes of humanity

you can’t see


babies in dumpsters

children sleeping in ditches

beaten, shaken, degraded

neglected and ignored

we teach abstinence

we lie with false data

we shame

we blame

instead of regulation

it is time for education

educating the toddler

who asks “why” all the time

educating of the children

without fear or shame

educating the teens

when the hormones

kick in good and fast

when they get tingly

between their legs

the denial is deadly

our future needs access

to birth control

to proper use

to their bodies

when 16 and pregnant

has more views than the news

society has fucked up

who can have unwanted pregnancy:





ad executives



college students

the poor

the rich

the rape victim

the girl from taco bell

drug reps






the uneducated







click here-hiv positive men having protected sex can result in prison time

click here-hiv positive men having protected sex can result in prison time

hiv/aids is a scary deal.  it is not a pretty picture to watch someone you love get incredibly ill, systems breaking down and their body turning against them.  it is hard, and incredibly sad.  that being said, the consistent and correct use of condoms is, aside from abstinence, the only good way to prevent hiv and other std’s.

despite the stigma of hiv being a gay illness, it is transmitted through body fluids coming into contact with mucus membranes.  this means anyone with body fluids who is hiv positive can infect anyone with mucus membranes, although the amount of hiv in sweat and saliva is minimal and there is no evidence that a person can become infected through spit of sweat or mosquito bites.  hiv can be spread from person to person via oral, vaginal and anal sex.  gay ppl are not more likely to get hiv than any other person having unprotected sex of any kind.

even though science has recognized this fact, religious right legislation continues to place the blame of hiv at the feet of the lgbtqa community.  it is demonized as a gay illness or a lighting bolt by god to strike down the promiscuous and sexually active.  therefore, public sexual education and training is ignored and rarely offered.  most states rely on abstinence only sex ed. many times falsify facts about the effectiveness of condoms, which does not stop sex but does stop ppl from using condoms during sex or using them incorrectly.  when condoms are used correctly and consistently the spread of hiv and other std’s are halted almost entirely.  there are many ppl who have protected sex with hiv positive ppl and stay negative because they used condoms.   

when i see legislation against lgbtqa ppls such as not being able to donate blood or organs or an hiv positive person going to prison for having protected sex, i think it is disgusting and continues to play into creating the illusion that gay ppls are the carriers of the hiv virus and are more prone to becoming positive-which is not true at all.  it is discrimination and radically demoralizing.  all blood and organs are screened before transplant or infusion.  the reason for this is because many illnesses can be transmitted through these processes, and it is not only gay ppl who carry the illnesses but all ppl.  there are no special gay organs or blood.  there are no special straight organs or blood.  blood and organs are pretty much universally the same and if you have compatible types, it doesn’t matter who it comes from, it is compatible.  those who have tested hiv positive should have the decency to disclose this information to any partner, but should it be mandated by the law?  i am not sure.  for one thing, there are many ppl who are not aware they are positive, and if they are careful and responsible….i mean if i found out that i had a partner that was positive and knew and didn’t tell me before hand, i would be upset, but it is also my responsibility to make sure that when i engage in sexual activity i am doing it proactively safe.

instead of spending money on creating laws and prosecuting ppls and perpetrating ignorance and discrimination, we should be putting more money into safe sex education and free access to birth control and condoms.  we should be informing every single human being the real cause for the spread of hiv and std’s and how to protect themselves.  our society should make hiv and std testing free and accessible to everyone, despite sexual orientation.  without these true life methods, the spread of hiv and other std’s are going to continue. 

prochoice =pro-growingupinanuturingatmosphere

prolife anti human

the argument against abortion has always been on the basis of morality of killing an innocent human being who just happens to be a fetus. and this has been a great motivator to continue legislation for making abortions less accessible for women at every turn.  this revamping of law does nothing to stop women from having abortions, what it does do is force women to have more risky procedures and clouds the judgement of ppl after the procedure is done.  for the women that are put into positions of carrying a fetus against their will and desire are forced into motherhood when not ready or not willing to be one.

there are a few phrases the prolife teams use to shame women into being unwilling incubators to unwanted fetuses.  the worst of these coined terms is “if a pregnancy is the result of a rape, then the idea of abortion is understandable.”  is this decision based on a rape that has been proven in a court of law or is the woman also responsible for proving it was an act of rape, taking up to a year to pull through the justice system?  is it only violent rape or does date rape count too?  what is the difference between a fetus conceived of rape and one conceived of lust?  the fetuses of both acts are the same.  they develop at the same rate.

“if a woman is mature enough to open her legs, she should have to live with the consequences of her actions.”  this is essentially using the would be child as punishment for having sex.  the pregnancy a huge growing scarlet “a” for all the world to see.  when this is the situation, how is the woman going to view the child when it is born?  is it assumed that this will not create animosity and loathing, or is this not a concern?  neuroscience has proven that when a mother, therefore a fetus, is exposed to trauma and hazards the neurodevelopment of child that is born is abnormal and the mental capacities unstable.  so when we force women to carry babies unwillingly they are born already 6 steps behind.  even if the child is given up for adoption immediately after birth, there is a 50/50 chance that the child will suffer from illnesses induced during gestation.  a child is not a punishment.  it is a person.  everytime we slut shame women by forcing them into motherhood we are running the risk of bringing in a new generation of PEOPLE who are unable to thrive.

“when a woman has an abortion, she is killing a baby.”  this is bullshit!  this is not real and so incredibly inaccurate according to science!  for the first trimester the clump of cells is an embryo, it then becomes a fetus.  it will not be a baby until it is outside of the mother’s body.  the fetus will not have the biological factors for responding to stimuli until about 20 weeks after conception.  until the fetus can respond to stimuli it has less neural activity than an ant.  we as a collective species have no issues with killing ants, most ppl have no issues with killing vermin such as roaches, rats, mice, even opossums, which all have more neural development than a 19 week old fetus.   there are many states that are forcing women to undergo vaginal sonogram prior to an abortion forcing the mother too look at the clump of cells calling it her “baby” the entire time.  despite the humanoid shape, this is just a cluster of cells until week 20.  forcing the mother to look at her baby that she is going to kill does cause many women, especially young women, to maintain the pregnancy, but what are the long term repercussions of that?

if a woman does not want a baby and is forced or coerced into continuing a pregnancy there are many many things that can go wrong.  if a woman does not want to be pregnant she is more than likely not going to be taking the necessary precautions and actions to produce a healthy child.  diet, emotional stability, physical activity are all good things for a fetus to be exposed to during gestation.  drugs, alcohol, homelessness, poverty, malnutrition, and chaotic environments are all detrimental to neurological and physical development of a fetus causing longterm issues for the child that is born putting a strain on the family and society at large.  many times a  woman is told that “there are so many ppl out there who want a baby! you can have that baby and give it to a loving family that can’t have a baby of their own.” which seems simple and a bit utopian.  but even when a woman knows she cannot raise a child and cannot provide a stable home for the child carrying a fetus for 9 months, feeling it move and kick, having it take the calcium out of your body, expelling it from your body causes a compulsionary need to continue to provide for the squirmy little baby that they place in your arms.  many times it is a selfish desire, the mother avoiding the pain of losing what she created, what she protected, what fed off her body.

when a woman wants to have an abortion, it is usually in the best interest of all involved.  it is usually the most difficult decision she has to make, but she makes it bc the options are too devastating.  despite what radical religious ppl think, women do not want to use abortion as birth control.  it is painful, physically, mentally and emotionally.  unwanted pregnancy is usually do to proper birth control failing otr inadequate sex education.  forcing a baby unto a woman who is not willing or able to be a mother for the rest of her life the consequences are child abuse, neglect, poverty, cruelty, emotional trauma, the list can go on and on.  it is a cruel and unusual punishment for the child.

if you want to do something to prevent ppl who are not wanting to have babies from having babies, invest your time and money into campaigning for free and appropriate birth control and sex education, this is the best anti-abortion technique known to work.  picketing abortion clinics and slut shaming women who get pregnant are counterproductive to society as a whole.  harassing the drs and nurses that abort fetuses that have been exposed to drugs or alcohol or are being carried by women who know for sure they are not able or willing to take care of a child is asinine.  it is time we look at what the end result in our collective social sexual taboos and punishing women for having sex actually is-it is women leaving babies in trash cans, drowning her children, tearing the scrotum off of her son, punching children, burning children, leaving children in locked cars or in houses alone.  it is broken families and scars.  when we give a clump of cells that cannot discern light from dark more rights and freedoms than we do a person, we are destroying lives!

for an article about fetal neurodevelopment click:

for article on woman who ripped her son’s scrotum prompting this blog post visit:

having sex will cause you to die


sperm egg




i have started looking forward to monday afternoons when my youngest son sam and his best friend will walk to the house.  see mondays are the days they get to learn about sex ed.  and bc i am a mom who has talked to her children since birth about sex, body parts, stds, pregnancy, and consent, they have a pretty good idea of what is real and what is just plain bullshit!  will’s parents are the same.  they come in the house so excited to tell me what kinda nonsense they learned!  it is funny to us mostly bc we are aware of the lie, but it is also scary bc for alot of ppl this maybe the only sex ed they receive.

last week’s topic was std’s.  they showed a penis with a terrible case of some green bumpy cauliflowery illness.  they showed a man with a cup of what appeared to be semen and said “this is what causes hiv and other std’s”.  they then went on to tell the kids that condoms are only effective 30%-50% of the time.  my assumption for these incredibly asinine stats is that if they told kids the truth they would be having orgies in the parking lot and all public restrooms would be spilling over with teen sex.  when in fact, the truth is, ppl are going to have sex,  yup they are,  if they think condoms are not a safe form of birthcontrol or that the odds are still against them, they will still have sex, it will just be wo a condom.

so today the boys came bouncing into the house full of new information!  they told me in very excited tones about how they were told that having sex would lead to suicide!  yup!  having sex will cause you to kill yourself.  they were told if they survived the trauma, they would most definitely have a kid, which will ruin their lives,  they were then told to put tape on their arm and pull it off.  then put it back on their arms, pull it off again.  “do you notice how it doesn’t stick as well the second time?  this is the same thing that will happen to you emotionally after having sex.”  hmmm…wow…

so our kids our being lied to-outright false data!  it is amusing in the sense that it is so far from accurate.  having sex w multiple partners will make you emotionally unattached when the time comes for you to fall in love, guaranteed pregnancy, teen fatherhood and motherhood, hiv caused by semen….

i can’t wait to find out what we learn next week!