cars as big as bars

we love our greed

our hoarding and whoring

we construct social classes

the gourmands ravishing

chins, bare or bearded, dripping

rain-drops of wine and blood

all of our western excess and wastes

our all you can eat buffets

never empty gallon jugs of fizzy drinks

mdma on bar tops and refills of methadone

gaggles of edacious elites forever feasting

the are gaunt and ghostly, transparent

in constant need of maintenance and assurance

while the poor waste away



Yes, may i please have a revolution with justice and an extra large diet of equality

“every time history repeats itself the price goes up”

a lesson found on a banner

the slogan rings true

the mighty dollar brings you the world of strife and grief

the morphed bodies of children paying the difference

the price of life on an ever rising interest rate

with the product mass-produced at a low cost

the profit margin increasing with each fiscal term

the warehouse and hub-bub of production uprooted

and moved to the sweatshops providing employment

to those starving and desperate, their bones protruding

the faces of those with no options are hidden from sight

they are the ones at the sewing machines of fate

they are the calloused hands pulling fruit from branches

they are the shovel and the hole of darkness

A new classic of an old tale, “redesigning history”

made into a movie, starring the beauty of the wealthy

those who’s sacrifice built it all forgotten and abandoned

to wander voiceless through the valley of uranium

everyday the group of understudies and nameless grow

those oppressed reading a scripted phrase in a ceremony

and the vows to uphold the rich and greedy repeated

stars and stripes domination used by lying bastards

over the masses of the desperate and despairing

hands locked down with heavy chains of capitalism

folds of green cloth covered with faces of dead presidents

twisted into a symbolic icon of freedom

it’s nonexistent

the few, the proud, the ones marching to destroy

a picture of perfect patriots armed, cloaked and ready

a war of money creating heroes in the eyes of the blind


but the execution and genocide sanctioned long ago

the face of the republic head held high and proud

the world of democracy brought to you by nestlee

monsanto will be providing the refreshments

and entertainment is the always fabulous geo group

“the prisons who aren’t afraid to use deadly force!”

“there will always be room in the heart of our cages!”

the lumps and bumps the missing pieces

a lesson

an education in surviving the unfortunate consequences

the lines are blurring quickly

new images becoming clear

the time has come

sparking rebellion against the tyranny

the day of the pariahs and martyrs no longer meek and mute

jailed for treason against the state a capital offense

the cadence of a revolution sounding beneath our feet

to create justice and drive the greedy out of the temples

the voices of the voiceless resounding and hanging midair

true equality painted in the shimmering colors of radiation

history placed in clay pots buried deep, escaping annihilation

the gentle breath of relief as the angel of death passes

allowing another day

another moment to gather




to distribute power in knowledge

the masses swirling forcing the lids of complacency lifted

the war drum is sounding the cry of hope resonating

the time has come to resist

our payment long overdue

fist clenched and raised

iconic an army of comrades

the uniting of brothers and sisters

the clash of classes

all the while dancing hope of independence

real numbers on poor in the united states

real numbers on poor in the united states

we have been told that the middle class is dwindling, that there is an extreme gap between the upper and lower classes, but what we are not told is being poor-like dirt poor-is more than normal it is expected.  80% of americans at the poverty line.  that means that only one fifth of all americans-the richest country in world, the country boosting land of opportunity and streets paved w gold where any orphan annie can get a daddy warbucks-are not in poverty!!!  let me say that again-there is only 1 out of 5 ppl who are living above the poverty line.  another fact that is not talked about is when looking at economic placement of government assistance is taken into account, bringing the numbers up to 80%!!!  so a family may get $300 in food stamps and that brings them up to just at poverty level.  that in light of the cut in the food stamp program is a startling number!  we have 4 in 5 ppl in poverty when getting some sort of assistance that has now been either reduced drastically or pulled out from underneath them altogether!  tell me again how capitalism is working out for the overwhelming majority of ppl…bc from my perch under the poverty line, i don’t see any forward progress.

homelesness v holiness

ft sillarmy afghan

Homeless Veteran

in the town i live in we have a tremendous homeless population. the largest field artillery army base is the hub of commerce here, and we have ppl who are no longer able or willing to be soldiers living on the street. now not that i think a solider is a better person say than a dope fiend, i don’t have any illusions of that whatsoever. i do know that the stand the military takes on ptsd is way behind the times and they refuse to acknowledge the horrendous shit that ppl who have been to war experience. they excuse them from military duty, bc of physical and/or psychological issues that become too pervasive or bc of their way of dealing w the stuff they have seen or done. alcohol and drug addiction in the military is tremendous.
we also have a large portion of the homeless who are displaced ppls from the katrina hurricane. after losing all their belongings, family, homes, animals, jobs-the stuff we take for granted-they live huddled in blankets behind buildings. there is one woman i am friends w who lives at a bus stop. this last christmas she was attacked by ppl in a car who shot her over and over again with paintball pellets. nothing was done about that…she still wears the clothes w holes and paint from that night.  it was a running joke around town with the bruises on her skin as the punchline.

the homeless shelters here are horrible! understaffed, over populated and you can only get a bed a certain number of days in a row. if you are a queer person, a trans person, or a cis woman, you don’t go to the shelters-it is too dangerous.  queer youth who are kicked outta the family for being queer have very little hope of finding a family to take pity on them and going into the system leaves them at the mercy of the state to decide where they will live, the state that has outright called them “abominations”, so from my experience there is little urgency in the actions of bureaucrats when it comes to these kids.  hopefully they will have someone, anyone, to take them in.  when they don’t you see them in the park trying to make enough money to eat.  you see them walking into the library covered in bruises, you see the cops turn their back on the violence and sexual assaults that go down.
the common mis-belief that homeless ppl are less than adequate is one of the more damaging ideologies that we perpetrate in our mighty capitalist land. i have heard ppl scream at the homeless and hold money over their heads literally saying things that equal “now don’t you go and buy crack!!! you look like you smoke crack!!!!” well, if you lived in a bus stop, would you really hold sobriety as an important value in your life? if you had dreams about killing children do you think that finding a way, any way, to escape that is a moral deficiency? i personally expect the ppl i come into contact w to buy drugs and alcohol w the money they get. i think they have earned it: crawling through dumpsters to get cans to recycle, smoking cigarette butts that they find in public ashtrays, dealing w dicks hitting them or belittling them, not to mention they know ppl think they are bad, they themselves think they are bad, less than. so i try, when i can, to deliver hot food to ppl and i give them money to get whatever else they need to get. i try to take the young women tampons and pads. if i can scrounge money together i will get them socks.


when we lived in maine, the town we lived in had no homeless.  as a matter of fact you will see homeless ppl in the large cities but never in the rural communities.  the town we lived in, the citizens won’t let ppl go wo.   there is a couch or a space for anyone somewhere.  ppl help ppl bc they are ppl, we are connected, and turning your back on someone no matter who that someone is does something damaging to your soul.St-Mary-Catholic-Church-Indianapolis-Indiana

there are a few churches that will use feeding the homeless as an opportunity to minister to ppl.  i kinda have a problem with this.  for the most part, it’s not really a listen and agree or we will not give you food deal, so i mean that is cool, but if the homeless were to show up to sunday service i wonder how many parishioners would squirm in the pews.  for the most part it seems like instead of helping ppl for the sake of doing a good thing is an afterthought at best.  i see ppl/churches help ppl bc they want to be recognized for doing it, they advance their agenda or inflate their ego “LOOK AT ME OVER HERE HELPING THESE PITIFUL PPL OUT!!!!  GOD, I REALLY HOPE YOU ARE WATCHING!!!  I AM DOING SOME AMAZING SHIT RIGHT NOW!!!!  HEY!!!  LOOK I GAVE THIS GUY A DOLLAR…o yeah by the way, can i get a receipt for that?”

the pill


about a year ago i went to a lgbtqa pride festival in a little town called enid with a friend of mine, we can call d who is a native man.  we were the leaders of the pride in the town we live in and it was a great networking opportunity, not to mention an opportunity to support other lgbtqa orgs in our very red state that is quite proud of their anti-everything legislation: anti-abortion, anti-marriage equality, anti-food stamps, anti-sex ed, anti-trans rights, etc etc.  in our state there is no such thing as a hate crime against gay ppl, when a bashing occurs the local police and district attorneys usually charge the perpetrator with a simple battery-a misdemeanor- despite the heinousness of the attack and the spewing of anti-queer venom while kicking in the faces of the “fags”.  so, when involved in lgbtqa activism i found it incredibly important to support all queer positive orgs in our pan-shaped state.

at the festival there were booths and entertainment-bands, spoken word, presenters.  the spot light was saved for a man who was the son of 2 jewish survivors of the nazi germany concentration camps.  he spoke about how his parents met before the invasion of poland, their very disgusting treatment and torture, and how when it was over they were able to find each other despite being sent to camps in two completely different countries.  he explained how hitler won the election in germany (the pride was about a month before the 2012 presidential election) with about 12% of the votes of eligible voters bc ppl simply didn’t get out and vote, which of course was a lead in to why it is so very critical to vote here in the us-we don’t want another nazi germany on our hands.  the story is gut wrenching!  what happened to so many ppl in europe was catastrophic and it is hard for us as civilized human beings to understand the loss of compassion for our fellow man, such a lack of just simple empathy when seeing a person suffer from malnutrition or the loss of a child or even worse the birth of a child into such conditions.  how could they do that simply on the basis of difference of religion or sexuality or nationality?  how can anyone slide so far below the border of humanity?

i would steal a glance over at d, who is a good fella and is capable of keeping his emotions in check.  the speech obviously affected him as it did me.  it was, in fact, appalling.  i would watch as he ever so slightly clenched his jaw together at some of the more obscene depictions of hate.  it was nauseating!  i watched out of the corner of my eye his eyes soften when this man spoke of his parents finding each other after the war had ended, about their lives together and his father’s reactions to the treatment of black ppl during the late 50’s and early 60’s and the support his father had for the civil rights movements.  d sat on the edge of his seat listening intently, foot bouncing against the ground, his face to an outsider was stone but for me i saw the light and darkness in his eyes in reaction to the story being spoken to us.

on the way back to the town we live in, there wasn’t alot of chatter.  the main reason being i was in the height of my parkinson’s state which left me more than separated and detached from the world around me.  the other main component of the silence was d rarely opens up to anyone that he has not known for the better part of 10 years.  the conversations we did have were sporadic and mostly small talk.  which neither one of us is good at and it became tiresome within about 20 minutes.  it was quite a quiet ride save the oldies station playing songs from our pasts.  it wasn’t until later that i realized i had missed an incredible opportunity into some real crucial insight from the man driving the car, sitting next to me in the heavy silence.

if i had been more lucid and more attached to myself, my end of the conversation would have gone something like this:

“d, i saw your reaction.  that story was pretty fucked up, huh?”

“d, would you please explain to me how that story makes you feel as a native man?  how does it feel to see the extreme reactions of ppl to the violence and execution of human beings when the same deal went on in over here for centuries and the majority of ppl act like it didn’t happen and the text books lie about it, the impact of the genocide of the native nations is minimized and justification is attempted at every turn, but we look at what hitler did as atrocious?  i am not asking you to speak for native ppls everywhere just for yourself…i just really want to know how you feel about that?”

“d, how do you feel as a gay man listening to that story?  i know that i was a bit worried there was going to be a drive by in the park…being a lesbian it made me confused and heartbroken that we have to continue decades after this whole thing to live in fear…how do you feel about that? are you scared like me?”

“d, what can we do to make this better?  is there anything?  how do we make this stop?  why are ppl so willing to think nazi germany was a bad deal but they carry the same ideology around in their heart that prompted hitler and his cronies to do what they did, that prompted the us government to do what it did, that prompted that lady to stab the other lady in the face for being gay, that promotes violence against women, that justifies the suffering of ppl of color?  what can we do?”

i wish i had the mental capacity at the time for this conversation.  i wish i had the answers to these questions that gnaw at my guts like a tiny dog with a huge bone.  i can not know what it is like.  i know that when i have been face to face with someone who does not like white ppl or does not like gay ppl i am hurt and confused, their hatred of me is difficult to understand on a basic level.  i mean i know it’s root is fear but their hatred does more destruction to them than it does to me for the most part, although i know that philosophy flies out of the window when they cross that ever moving line and attack me either verbally, emotionally, mentally, or physically.  i look at their disgust of me and it is painful.  when ppl don’t trust me bc i am white i feel that is a tiny taste of what ppl of color go through everyday walking down the street, shopping at a store, walking into a school.  there were times that i would say “but i am not like that!!!  how can you judge me for the actions of others?” but this is exactly the point!  how can this still be happening?  why haven’t we begun to make things better?  we keep taking steps backwards-the supreme court ruling on the voting rights act, laws regulating abortion, legislation making it more difficult to get food, states fighting the affordable healthcare act, big companies buying up mineral rights of native ppls and laying pipeline down spilling tar sands sludge into their water supply, the constant state of poverty most natives on reservations face, taking away the sovereignty of the individual nations of indigenous ppls and overriding their laws, stop and search laws enforced on the black population, muslim hate, commie fear, the war on terror, the war on drugs!!!!  and so much more!  much much more!  why do we continue to slide back into outdated and scientifically void ideas?

so there are times i feel a bit uncomfortable…there are times some ppl never feel comfortable.  there is a huge difference in those two things.  when i feel uncomfortable i have found at least for me that instead of running from the situation and hiding and saying that those ppl are wrong for treating me like that, i really try to take the opportunity to talk openly about the place where the discomfort comes from, most of the time this conversation is uncomfortable for me bc i must look at the fact that the ppl around me are treated like criminals at best on a constant and continual basis by ppl who look like me.  that is not an easy pill to swallow, but it is the only way to begin to take steps in my life to not be a shithead of a person.