Yes, may i please have a revolution with justice and an extra large diet of equality

“every time history repeats itself the price goes up”

a lesson found on a banner

the slogan rings true

the mighty dollar brings you the world of strife and grief

the morphed bodies of children paying the difference

the price of life on an ever rising interest rate

with the product mass-produced at a low cost

the profit margin increasing with each fiscal term

the warehouse and hub-bub of production uprooted

and moved to the sweatshops providing employment

to those starving and desperate, their bones protruding

the faces of those with no options are hidden from sight

they are the ones at the sewing machines of fate

they are the calloused hands pulling fruit from branches

they are the shovel and the hole of darkness

A new classic of an old tale, “redesigning history”

made into a movie, starring the beauty of the wealthy

those who’s sacrifice built it all forgotten and abandoned

to wander voiceless through the valley of uranium

everyday the group of understudies and nameless grow

those oppressed reading a scripted phrase in a ceremony

and the vows to uphold the rich and greedy repeated

stars and stripes domination used by lying bastards

over the masses of the desperate and despairing

hands locked down with heavy chains of capitalism

folds of green cloth covered with faces of dead presidents

twisted into a symbolic icon of freedom

it’s nonexistent

the few, the proud, the ones marching to destroy

a picture of perfect patriots armed, cloaked and ready

a war of money creating heroes in the eyes of the blind


but the execution and genocide sanctioned long ago

the face of the republic head held high and proud

the world of democracy brought to you by nestlee

monsanto will be providing the refreshments

and entertainment is the always fabulous geo group

“the prisons who aren’t afraid to use deadly force!”

“there will always be room in the heart of our cages!”

the lumps and bumps the missing pieces

a lesson

an education in surviving the unfortunate consequences

the lines are blurring quickly

new images becoming clear

the time has come

sparking rebellion against the tyranny

the day of the pariahs and martyrs no longer meek and mute

jailed for treason against the state a capital offense

the cadence of a revolution sounding beneath our feet

to create justice and drive the greedy out of the temples

the voices of the voiceless resounding and hanging midair

true equality painted in the shimmering colors of radiation

history placed in clay pots buried deep, escaping annihilation

the gentle breath of relief as the angel of death passes

allowing another day

another moment to gather




to distribute power in knowledge

the masses swirling forcing the lids of complacency lifted

the war drum is sounding the cry of hope resonating

the time has come to resist

our payment long overdue

fist clenched and raised

iconic an army of comrades

the uniting of brothers and sisters

the clash of classes

all the while dancing hope of independence



the scales of justice teater

first the right side will collapse

slamming against the cabinet

minor adjustments made

small trinkets of ideas

taken from one place to the next

in a useless attempt to balance

the things that are impossibly unbalanced

there will never be a time no matter what

when the metal plates covered with petina

held by rusted aged chains that look tired

are equally hanging in space

a bit here and a bit there

the scale an ever teeter totter

one side dipping the other flying

attempting one-sided war with gravity

gravity doesn’t give a fuck

about the idea of your equality

so the trinket are moved switching plates

causing the scale to teeter totter

one side above the other

the most eloquent look in the mirror

at how the judgement

of the trash and life and love

are measured

those deemed less than

on the scales, the one too high

missing too much to be matter

or to matter too much

beyond the sight

in the mirror and the narcissistic

ideology of self preservation

standing and pulling one here

and another here

arranging the design and pattern

working so hard and so futile

lying to yourself that one day

that scale will be steady…

in the right area

when the wind is blowing

from the east to west

as soon as you think you have

reached some sort of balance

the plates slowing their ebb and flow

it’s an optical illusion not real

as soon as the movement pauses

one side is just slightly off

it’s like you and i, maybe everyone

maybe it’s a subconscious fact

of judgments deeming those

unfit to be happy, to be loved

to be validated in the sunlight

for those of us who know

we have ridden the scale of life

we know the skinny going down

it’s nothing new to us

we all knew it was inevitable

the loneliness of the side of less

so we shrink and hide

trembling trash floating through life

with no purpose or worth

aside from possible entertainment

for a few minutes. comedy relief

brought to you by the scum of the earth

we climb up sitting lotus on the plate

in the dark privacy so no one else knows

how invalid we are

how little it matters

we know what comes after the scales

dance and teeter to determine

your future

your life

your worth

why would we climb up and sit still

for the damnation

of a teeter

of a totter

the ultimate ending knighting

those who are ugly and vile

the best thing that can happen

is the hand of thanatos  emerges

grabbing you saving you from

the looks and hatred in the eyes

of the ones you love the most



caution explicit content! rape culture playing hide and seek in alleys

the game of patient hiding

behind the dumpster

crouching ready to pounce

hands squeezing throats

slamming a head against pavement

ripping the  checkered dress

pull it over the eyes

exciting when she screams

she will never forget

being with a real man

she will stop fighting it

they all stop resisting

“stupid bitch, stop crying!

you are lucky i found you

now you belong to me!”

stealing the innocence

of little girls with pigtails

they will go to the cops

who will test and probe

finding nothing

except a broken girl infected

soon to sick to breathe

bleeding out her dreams

on the wet concrete

see you know the law

innocent until proven guilty

that is their fatal flaw

skirting justice, laughing

holding all the tricks

knowing the shimmy jimmy

playing dodge ball in life

it may work, you think you got away

but it comes creeping and crawling

a punch to the gut unexpected

karma’s got you by the balls

universal righteousness

time to pay the price

the hunter being hunted

time reversal you playing the prey

you are in the cross-hairs

metal cold in hands

the sight to the eye

finger pulls the trigger

and lets the bullets fly

my anthem-an attempt at cheerful rhyming

one pig two pig

red white and blue pig

tell me how does the pig

find harmony, you dig?

what does it take to be free

opening my eyes and just to see

my oppression is caused solely by me

decisions to stand up and to fight

for what i tell me is right

i will not succumb to the horrors and fright

fighting for all

some big and some small

skinny, fat, stumpy, tall

it’s time to get up and sing

within yourself

“let freedom ring

to hell with the king!!”

let the prisoners go

demanding justice all night and day-o

kick and scream until all masters fall down, yo!


free cece mcdonald

free cece mcdonald

most ppl even within the lgbtqa community don’t know the name cece mcdonald. the crimes against her went unmentioned. if her name is mentioned, it is generally followed by “killed a man” or “convicted of second degree manslaughter”. the truth is cece was just walking down the street, and was verbally accosted by a group of white ppl outside of a bar, she had words with another woman and a fight broke out when the woman smashed a glass against cece’s face. in the group fight a man was stabbed and cece was arrested. so the straight white ppl were allowed to sling hate speech at the queer ppl of color, it was not illegal for the white woman to smash a glass against cece’s face slicing her open-the crime was cece’s defense of her life.
sadly, this is not a lone story. sadly, cece will not see freedom until feb 2014 at the soonest. crimes against transwomen are outrageously high and against trans woc it is unimaginable! many of the crimes against twoc go unreported bc when reported the woman is treated w disrespect and harassed as “deserving what she got” bc the prejudice of transwomen is they are all just “guys pretending to be female whores so they can rip off poor innocent men”. when they are raped, when they are assaulted, when they are hit, when they are cut, injured, run over, MURDERED it is looked at as though they deserved it. cece escaped w her life. and even though she is in jail for preventing her own murder, she is one of the lucky ones.
for more information or to show support and solidarity for cece mcdonald please visit:

beehive collective “mesoamérica resiste” kickstarter campaign

beehive collective “mesoamérica resiste” kickstarter campaign


most ppl in the activist world have heard the words-beehive collective, whether you are an environmental activist or a gender queer anarchist or just a left leaning human, if you have been around movements, you have a sense of who they are and what they do.  the beehive is an art collective telling stories from around the world, focusing on intersections of environmental and economic and ethical justice.  they tour the country w huge murals printed on specially made recycled material, using animals and  plants as the center of stories purposefully and intentionally to leave racial stereotypes in the dust, the beehive collective is now launching it’s brand new poster- mesoamérica resiste.  this poster is mindblowing, and the work the artists and storytellers have put into it is overwhelming!  the lowest donation is a dollar and every dollar counts!  if you can donate, please do!!  all of the proceeds go into spreading the word for humanitarian justice around the world!

professional soldiers of revolution, a paycheck for a protest

professional soldiers of revolution, a paycheck for a protest


in about the year 2000 i started doing work for autism awareness and education.  i was invested bc, at that time, one of my sons (later all 3 would be diagnosed) had autism spectrum disorders.  when i started researching into what autism was there was a bare minimum of information and even less that was accurate.  understanding how to research was the key to my success and i realized that there are many many many people out in the real world that either have never been introduced to the research process or who are thoroughly exhausted and just can’t manage pulling the strength of complete comprehension together.  how could their children benefit from a diagnosis when the parents and caregivers are stuck in a world filled with words of science and dr speak?  how can you apply what you have been told when you don’t understand the language?  that seemed to me to be a huge flaw in the system.  those who desperately needed the information on an understandable and comprehensible level were the ones left out in the cold.   a dr being able to understand is absolutely irrelevant to the lives of a family watching a loved one suffer and struggle, a family barely holding on to sanity from lack of sleep, constant self denial, consistent struggles about food, chasing shoes that are thrown out of the windows of moving cars and screaming at cashiers in grocery stores bc they give you the stink-eye are those that need to understand what is happening, not the professionals.

i think it was about 2006 or 2007 when i first heard of autism speaks, the new improved voice in the battle AGAINST autism.  at the time they came out, i had no idea how harmful they would become, and i was happy to see that the word autism was getting some spotlight attention.  that ppl were investing in public education and it was/is necessary.  at that time the stats were 1 in 150 ppl had asd’s, now we have an astounding rate of 1 in 88.  so the autism struggle went from a grassroots org to a national org with a load of money to boot.  autism speaks has generous backers and quite the line up of celebrities to get their message across, but what they are missing is the ppl w autism.  where are the voices of ppl w autism in the stop autism campaign of autism speaks?  they aren’t there, bc autism speaks does not speak for most ppl w autism.  their campaigns of fear and hatefulness of a neurological difference is not only alienating but also villainizing those w autism spectrum disorders.  the platform of eradicating the neuroprocessing of the autistic is devastating and makes the autistic person feel they are not good enough in the way they think currently and since autism affects the entire brain and nervous system that controls the entire body, there is no part of them that is not autistic and being told that autism is bad is saying they are bad.  autism was now in the limelight and characterized as a baby stealing monster.

i saw this same thing happen with the lgbtqa movement.  there are professional groups that are set up to normalize queers.  instead of demanding the respect we deserve for you know being human beings, we must conform to the standard of “normal” set by a society of ppl who really don’t want us around.  we adopt the hetronormative values and mimic the way they live, talk, dress, walk bc this is the only way to get respect-to conform losing our identity and culture and history in the process.

this is happening in most movements-the vigor is lost in translation due to professional ppls having secret meetings and making compromises.  this happens in the black community, the hispanic community, the muslim movement, environmental movements, native americans and first nations movements.  we water it down, conforming into white culture bc our cultures cannot be accepted on their terms, we can have some sense of equality if we pretend to be wasp.

losing grassroots movements to nonprofit big corps is a compromise to justice.  it breeds complacency, it encourages segregation at the crossroads of intersectionality, it drowns out the voices of those who have been denied replacing them with calm soothing voices of professional narrators.  what group does a black muslim poor lesbian belong to?  which part of her identity does she consider the most underfire, what part is least important to the whole woman?

we are not making room for those who are in the fight!  there is no platform available for a poor man to scream from, for a woman of color to advocate from, for the prisoner to address the issues of incarceration.  the humanitarian efforts are commodities at market peddled by frat boys with dread locks wearing thousand dollar suits.  those who are starving or fighting for survival, those ppl who have been neglected by society are now neglected by those “taking on the good fight for their justice” and they should be thankful for the backwash flowing in their direction, watered down equality set aside for those that will adapt.  the iconic woman, the iconic black man, the iconic prisoner, the iconic native…this is dangerous, this is the stripping of culture and forcing a whitewash on humanity.  look they can do it, what are you bitching about?

i am confused and frustrated by the whole thing.  on one hand the issues are being brought to the table and ppl are being forced to look at it, on the other hand the watered down justice and silencing of communities is horrible.  i am happy we have the noam chomskys and gloria steinems of the world, thank you to political orgs for speaking for my uterus, but seeing the ppl grab justice by the throat, demanding repayment of debts bought off our backs, insisting we be heard over the voices paid by nonprofs is necessary to any true movement for radical equal rights long overdue.