Brand new shoes

Snarling teeth bared for everyone to see

No pretending

No apologies 

Just hatefulness animosity callousness 

Cold sting of the high altitude 

Leaving me afraid of your rabid behavior 

Nowhere to run

Nowhere to hide

Left to the devices of those wanting extermination

Of me and all my kind

Now I shall be baptized into the mist



shake your hips

like a river

lapping waves

on my flesh



open up

sweet goddess

let me drink you

like fresh rain

twist and turn

dance and laugh

sparkles fly out of your mouth

like shooting stars

in the daytime

ecstasy encapsulated

you are the birth of venus

taking turns

twist and sparkle on the ground

sweet dancing in the rain

when the softness can be found

in the patience and the pain

forgotten witnesses are learned

and they saw it once again

in the fire long was burned

treaties forged in blood for gain

shadows of humanity are bound

where the innocence of cain

the sins of abel swims around

sweet dancing in the rain

ferris wheel & pink cotton candy

it’s a tumultuous feeling


it seems like a lie

a temptation for tornadoes

to rip everything apart

leaving the soul barefoot

to navigate across shattered glass


a perfect indicator of emotional doom

the sniper in place

waiting for the order to fire

the ravens gather for the onslaught


leaving time for promises to die

giving way to mental destruction

defenseless, naked, unmasked, unaware

blind in a boxing match


time to prepare myself

for the barbed wire dress

for the parade of the despised


pacts and trusts in boxes

that i am unable to open

i don’t have the fucking key

i don’t have the fucking tools


what a bullshit mirage

put in place to make the thinking

go to doctors and hospitals

thorazine and depakote

frontal lobotomy life therapy

there is no comfort in joy

there is no contentment in tranquility

happiness is rotting flesh disguised with aromatherapy


house calls

synchronicity and serendipity

conjuring up mutual need for kindredness

magical sound of a knock on the door

a blast from the past

i had no idea the sight of you would

make my heart skip in my chest

like a three year old

memories of long ago

playing cards

roaming mountains

exploring haunted houses

jaw bones of unknown animals

a rose and a poem

i saw you

the ache of missing you

boiled up then floated away

to see your face

to hear your laughter

to listen to stories

of loss

of neglect

of children

of new love

of unrighteous intruders

of adventures

of a life that molded

the girl i knew

the girl i love

into a woman

i have known my whole life

you are no longer the maiden

you are the mother

how beautiful it is

the flower you have bloomed into


-for aubrey

my heart on fire

it’s beautiful


whirling twirling

uninhibited unrestrained

chasing bubbles, ladybugs, dragonflies

singing up the sun

howling at the moon

laughing the stars into existence

acting on impulse

taking down the mirrors

the world as it is

no reverse images

unwinding the clocks

so maybe life can stand still

while we are innocent

while we are here

here we are

here i am


it’s beautiful






hey, lady love, your overpriced social cause or mine?

we walk together guarded

because it is secret

because it is promised

because the mystics and poets

singers, swingers, dancers, lovers

summoned the gods in the tunnels

the underground labyrinth of freedom

passage and personhood granted by pantheons

long dead but still dancing the street

essence and smiles fade still the hearts beat

ancient stories detailed on concrete walls

hieroglyphs and sigils gifts of rebellion

starving artists, junkies, rebels, misanthropes

barry manilow, john wayne, donald trump, snooky

the flowers of the up and coming mental apocalypse

so kiddos roll up your sleeves

all signs point down into the bowels

shit’s about to get really real richie rich!

take my hand, lover of mine, let’s rock the subway!