entrance into the cave of the mysteries

i was born mistakenly

without a phallus of my own

the tiny testes were absent

i was born with girlie parts

the xx disaster

in a time and place

where the power of the cunt

has been surrendered

ripped and stripped

tortured, mutilated

and held for ransom

the tides, the moon

the braided feminine

indoctrinated self deprecation

to think

to love

to fuck

to demand

to fight

to own self accountability

to never be afraid to go to hell

to be a whore

gladly and proudly

i know my sisters

i see them in my dreams

women of every shape and size

women of all races, cultures, locations

women who are prisoners in their flesh

the feminine resides in all things

she is stirring, she cannot stay contained

when the shackles are broken

we will see dancing like never before

where does moonlight come from

what happens to the soul

when a nun becomes a whore

or a whore becomes a nun

both a rejection of self

both servicing a dick or two

is it the payment

dollars v damnation

or the living quarters

why should we speak in hushed voices

only whispering ghosts of our pleasures

then denying them later

is there no piety in lust and laughter

when the waters churn and drip

is that only blasphemous temptation

or could it be singing of divine revelations

the voice of queen achtland in ecstasy

shrugging off the shame and misogyny

a delightful pride in scarlet letters

owning symbols once used to tether

proud and damned we are

from virgin to concubine

and back again

shower shit and shouting-early morning ramblings & arguments with c&g

c:”do you believe in the divine?”

g:” like God?”

c: “yeah…”

g: “i usually think about the god, the trinity of the abraham religions, on tuesdays”

c: “what do you think about them on tuesdays?”

g: “i think it all sounds swell, but it’s not my bag”

c: “so you don’t believe in the divine?”

g: “i believe in a lot of things that are divine:





cheese (a really good cheese)





south america

old people

punk rock

i think the definition of divine needs to be adjusted a bit….”

c: “so you are not religious?”

g: “i am super religious”

c: “what religion are you?”

g: “there are variations and evolutions, like everything else in life…”

c: “do you have an answer or are you just full of shit?”

g: “i have a full of shit answer…an accurate description agnostic humanist neo-pagan polytheist pantheist tree-huggin flower-smellin fairy”

c: “you are gay”

g: “true”

c: “don’t you think that is a crime against nature?”

g: “i think concrete is a crime against nature”

c: “that doesn’t answer the question…”

g: “of course it does, but i will rephrase:

no i don’t think being gay is an unnatural state of being, obviously it isn’t unnatural for me seeing as how i am gayly gay.  there are many people who use pieces of religious doctrine to criminalize queerness, but it is usually taken out of context and reworded.  as far as i am concerned, those people are looking for justification to be criminals and they have bucketfuls of unhappiness to carry around, so they are trying to lighten their load by throwing some of the content on others.  scientists have studied critters in the wild, and have found that there are animals who mate with members of the same sex.  for some of these it is a matter of dominance, but for a majority, they have found, it is about comfort and is the animal’s preference.  the wild beast category with the most gay members is the dragonfly, now maybe i am not giving the dragonfly enough credit, but i have never seen one put much forethought into their actions.  so if a dragonfly acts on instinct, primarily, how can it act contrary to nature?  therefore, how can being gay be unnatural?”

c: “are you a feminist?”

g: “yup, independently”

c: “do you hate men?”

g: “no”

c: “isn’t that a part of feminism?”

g: “not at all.  feminism is a celebration of the feminine, carving a new space for women.  for quite awhile in many mainstream societies women were/are a lower caste then the masculine, making room for women in that system doesn’t mean putting men in the lower system while the female occupies the upper, it is more about taking the platform away therefore breaking apart the caste system altogether.  history has shown over and over again, when power is taken from one and given to another, it is an illusion and at some point that power goes away, but when we empower ourselves from within looking inward for validation, that is an eternal truth.”

c: “what about transwomen?  there are alot of people who think they have no place in feminism”

g: “the idea of elitism is contrary to egalitarian culture, putting more boundaries/dress-codes/criteria in place is the opposite of opening doors to a truly equal society, which is what feminism was/is supposed to be about.  i think it is disgraceful to demand equality, but equality only for ‘women’ and definitely only for ‘these women’!  if we lock out men and transgender peoples today, who is locked out tomorrow and where will it stop?  when i see a movement denying others’ access, denying others’ even the right to voice support, i do not see a movement for civil rights, i see a movement to make the persons of power look different than those in power currently-it’s simply a changing of the guard.  i have always called myself a feminist, but i can’t get on board with many of the philosophies that are held by groups and leaders and the upper-crust of the movement.  the thing is, some people are cool and some people suck and there is no exterior indicator.  so fuck a movement that closes it’s doors to anyone other than __________ because human rights aren’t carnival rides.”

“it’s been great seeing you again, but i really must run along now!!!  the conversation was delightful as always-i always learn so much about me when talking to me….i hope i am home the next time i stop in!”

anam bandia tuatha de’ danann-soul goddess of the family of danu

i am not a lady

i am not proper

i am not a minder-of-words

i am not beautiful

i am not socially acceptable

i am not simple

i am not incapable

i am not illiterate

i am not meek

i am not a pretty princess

i am not concerned with the market

i am not concerned with stock prices

i am not weak

i am not quiet

i am a slut

i am bitch

i am a trouble maker

i am an owner of myself

i am proud

i am aggressive

i am a delver in enjoyment

i am a warrior

i am confusion

i am badb

i am the capacity to slaughter

i am macha

i am havoc

i am nemain

i am the three

i am the war

i am the goddess

i am the great queen

i am the morrigan

i am

i am

i am

i am always

i am forever entitled

i am the ownership

i am the deed and creed

i am unto myself

i am creation

i am destruction

i am birth

i am death

i am rebirth

i am a world

i am my own rite

i will never surrender nor follow

why we need feminism campaign

why we need feminism campaign

little girl reading little girl

there has been a campaign on why feminism is important.  do we  still need a feminist movement?  what good does it do society?  well, this article is the exact reason feminism still has a place at the shit needs to change table!

an little girl was being raped for years and finally ends up pregnant with the rapist’s baby.  this monster began the abuse when the girl was eight years old!  eight years old!  she is now eleven and pregnant with the baby of the man who stole her life.  what options does this child have?  what options have been ripped away from her beginning three years ago when the monster first attacked her?  what course was her life on that day?  did she have dreams of becoming a doctor or a dancer or wonder woman like most eight year old girls?  did she think she would someday be a rock star or a broadway actress?  did she dress up and sing songs in the mirror like i did when i was eight?  i doubt she was dreaming of being a mom in three years.  i doubt she had dreams of growing a fetus, or having to make a choice to terminate pregnancy before she was probably even aware of what pregnancy was.  i doubt she ever imagined the person she is today.


this girl is why we need feminism!  this girl and every other person in the world who faces not only rape, sexual assault, human trafficking, child marriages, sexist slurs against both women and men, the degradation of the feminine, the alienation at the hands of monsters hiding in shadows!  we need feminism because this girl and so many more like her had dreams that are ripped away replaced with decisions of abortion, adoption or raising a child when you are not prepared.  we need feminism because the view on any decision this girl makes will be condemned by ppl.  we need feminism bc women need to realize they are not fertile soil.  we need feminism bc this girl’s body stopped being her own a long time ago.  we need feminism bc there are monsters out there who stalked and prey on our children.  we need feminism bc no matter what this guy will never get what he deserves and because that girl will never not have been tortured.  nothing we do can ever give her back the life that was taken, the dreams that were broken when he broke her hymen, the little angel that slept with a teddy bear is now sleeping with a fetus.

littlle girl w doll teen pregnancy and education picture