that one kid over there

the scars on forearms

shimmering under the fluorescent lights

shining bright scarlet

illuminating white

with each gasp for air

eyes rolled back

tormented ecstasy

insanity is the only safe place

for tongues twisted and forked

lies on lies on lies on lies on lies

legos and lincoln logs

playing jenga through the window

the aftermath of the afternoon

when the monsters come out to dance

to the wailing and screaming

your voice is their heartbeat

whispers to gods

foreign and unknown

they don’t dwell with you

in the hovel of inhumanity

hold the gospels in your thoughts

pray for a salvation

the cynical ghosts your only tie to laughter

where you are, dear child, is nowhere

in the quiet the demons cackle

in the tranquil the liars prowl

in the zen reliving rape and pillage

in the calm the evil crawls

sweet dreams

sleep tight

hope to never see daylight



crash boom bam pizzazz and party favors

these bombs

shake the pictures off the walls

leaving windowpanes vibrating like a beehive

these bombs

ripping apart the sides of mountains

where dinosaurs used to roam

these bombs

fired by 18 year old kids

with questionable criminal histories

with questionable mental stability

these bombs

just practice for the real deal

prototypes for the ones to be sent over there

these bombs

don’t send us running for cover

aren’t aimed at our homes

these bombs

a constant reminder we will force

any peoples to do what we want

these bombs

are meant to spread democracy

into lands where democracy was stripped away

by the bombs sent before them

these bombs

these bombs

these bombs

send tears down my cheeks

these bombs

will take a child away

these bombs

will break through the bricks of hospitals

these bombs

will settle on school desks

these bombs

leave humanity vibrating with the magnitude of loss


back then

centuries of learned destruction

one after the other after the other

a snowball rolling down hill

it all started with just a tiny snowflake

here we all sit in today, this hour, this minute

never seen before and never seen again

there are times i want to grab the moment

i want to hold it like a lover and keep it safe

there are the times my mind

my thoughts swims backward

i walk into my 6 year old self

everything looks different

nothing is familiar or comforting

there is a tension that is palpable

in the air, a dense fog of unhappiness

my mother screaming at full volume

my dad laughing then driving away

my sister and i not even cringing

“guess we aren’t having supper tonight”

we play candy land because that is fun

apologies, drunken stupors, violence, bruises

nostalgia is a bitch in red heels

the national bushy2 growing candybars

we see you, vlad the impaler

was the air too damp in romaina

a move to a better climate

as you lay and bask in the texas sun

soaking up the rays wards off depression

not to mention helping with your tan

surrounded by the bodies of enemies

stick up the ass and out of the mouth

the men and women asking for water

oh how they will pay!

skin dripping drying slowly

some of it bugs carried away

vultures know it’s time to feed

the rats square dance in your honor

fed the rotting pieces of flesh

that has fallen from the bone

and once the sun has scorched

the skull and it’s good and dry

you fill it with fine wine

and serve it when you entertain

all except the children, the tiny rosy cheeks

are stuffed and proudly mounted

among the trophy heads of rhinos

no one really cares about the those people

always begging at the feet of america

we take our boot and kick in their teeth

somehow you found a loophole

you trickster jolly fool

a way to make a profit through starvation

sleep, sensory and water deprivation

they won’t last long now

if they come and try to grab it

if you catch them collecting rain

always kill  them slowly

you love the screams of pain

caution explicit content! rape culture playing hide and seek in alleys

the game of patient hiding

behind the dumpster

crouching ready to pounce

hands squeezing throats

slamming a head against pavement

ripping the  checkered dress

pull it over the eyes

exciting when she screams

she will never forget

being with a real man

she will stop fighting it

they all stop resisting

“stupid bitch, stop crying!

you are lucky i found you

now you belong to me!”

stealing the innocence

of little girls with pigtails

they will go to the cops

who will test and probe

finding nothing

except a broken girl infected

soon to sick to breathe

bleeding out her dreams

on the wet concrete

see you know the law

innocent until proven guilty

that is their fatal flaw

skirting justice, laughing

holding all the tricks

knowing the shimmy jimmy

playing dodge ball in life

it may work, you think you got away

but it comes creeping and crawling

a punch to the gut unexpected

karma’s got you by the balls

universal righteousness

time to pay the price

the hunter being hunted

time reversal you playing the prey

you are in the cross-hairs

metal cold in hands

the sight to the eye

finger pulls the trigger

and lets the bullets fly

no big deal, just another hate crime


bottles against the skull

glass protruding shimmering

green in the moonlight

screaming dyke 

into the darkness

shadows dance

in and out of sight

darting from dumpsters

and into doorways

the smell of blood

yeast and rotten meat

creeps into the nostrils

and lingers in the throat

the cracking of bones

bounce from bricks

trapped in floating bubbles

tinkling into the streets

the sounds of screaming


surrounded by those

not willing to see

the terror down below

closing the curtains

and going to bed

leaving a huddled mass

alone and forgotten

the darkness as a blanket

damp velvet shroud

under the light of venus

leaving keratin 

and chunks of epidermis

in the puddle of coors light

tonight was the night

we lost another warrior

another beauty

sentient being ceases

to take a breath

we are hunted

trapped and broken

terror echoing in every cell

the expendable the unwanted

we are monsters of humanity

trying to escape

justified hatred

genocide forgiven

sanctioned and demanded

from your god above

it is war