shake your hips

like a river

lapping waves

on my flesh



open up

sweet goddess

let me drink you

like fresh rain

twist and turn

dance and laugh

sparkles fly out of your mouth

like shooting stars

in the daytime

ecstasy encapsulated

you are the birth of venus


entrance into the cave of the mysteries

i was born mistakenly

without a phallus of my own

the tiny testes were absent

i was born with girlie parts

the xx disaster

in a time and place

where the power of the cunt

has been surrendered

ripped and stripped

tortured, mutilated

and held for ransom

the tides, the moon

the braided feminine

indoctrinated self deprecation

to think

to love

to fuck

to demand

to fight

to own self accountability

to never be afraid to go to hell

to be a whore

gladly and proudly

i know my sisters

i see them in my dreams

women of every shape and size

women of all races, cultures, locations

women who are prisoners in their flesh

the feminine resides in all things

she is stirring, she cannot stay contained

when the shackles are broken

we will see dancing like never before

human body is about 60% water and it talks to the sea

the lightening flashes and the thunder smashes

when living my life like this i am stirring a fire forgotten

a living entity inside my body once thought to be dead

you guard me and wake that feral part in my being

it’s the cry of the valkyrie

with those chosen fearless and brave

the climatic escape from the battlefield then to valhalla

out of breath

gasping and clenching

eyes wild and furious

shirt pulled over my head

the resl-new decor for old dwellings

feet tangled in the headboard

hands lost in tangles of hair

the mindless madness

pleading desperation pain of possibilities

can overthrow and compromise

even the best of planned events

but nobody dies a with a smile when they are too afraid to live

the screaming

the fighting

the turmoil

tears and sobs

just reactions

there are times it is the pain of war

the pit of the mind as dark as the sea

it is the call of something before light

before noise

the sound of genesis

a sorrow so demanding we must exercise it

before it consumes the lot of us

there are times the light shines so bright

with such joy

no sun can compare

it is on those days i would like to call god and all the gods before and after

a joyous occasion

to celebrate the beauty that glistens in the holiest of purity

but my love for you

is an unbridled tornado chasing cars under bridges

it is the unexpected rainbow in the east and west

the taste of fresh honey

they tell me i was alive before that night

it seems ages, lifetimes ago

seeing you laugh

the true beauty of life in your smile

no sunset compares

smoking a cigarette in shadows with whispers and the cold wind biting

standing on the front porch

tears streaming like rivers watching you go

silently sobbing and pleading

to any forces listening to see you again

my aces finally came through

my truth shook and shimmied


the big bang in all it’s glory and splendor is a flicker in a closet

the universe was created in your eyes

conception began in your touch

seeing your head back and shimmering laughter

i know what formed stars

your sadness is the cry of a lost child

your tears forming clear pools

a cleansing

you are a raindrop in a drought

giving life to the earth to start again

you are rebirth

monster bride-my favorite fiction from 2013


artwork by jenn meyers

artwork by jenn meyers

monster bride is an amazing book!  there are hidden treasures of history and ancient cultures.  it is full of vivid metaphors and imaginative comparisons to life in the western civilization.  the story of polycorpus plumber, who was a girl made of pieces and parts of others and then brought to life, and her loves, dreams, fears and passions.  the characters you meet in the book can make your stomach churn and your heart break, sometimes simultaneously.  there were certain characters i loathed but by the end of the book they are great heroes and epic figures.  the twist and turns are webs leading to new areas of enlightenment of the world we live in today.  while there is quite a bit of sex in the book, in no way would i call it a romance novel!  there are scenes of feral sex, passion, heat, temperament and seduction.  the gentle portrait of the feminine is not included in monster bride.  the centerpiece of the novel is the high intellect and extreme empowerment of the female, the claiming of  life and lusts, the satisfaction of needs and desires.  nothing is what it seems, w the exception of polycorpus!

i recommend this book to anyone who loves literature, science fiction, passionate sex scenes, female empowerment, culture, and everything in between!  it is an amazing roller coaster ride, and when it is over you will be in dire straights for more!

click here-hiv positive men having protected sex can result in prison time

click here-hiv positive men having protected sex can result in prison time

hiv/aids is a scary deal.  it is not a pretty picture to watch someone you love get incredibly ill, systems breaking down and their body turning against them.  it is hard, and incredibly sad.  that being said, the consistent and correct use of condoms is, aside from abstinence, the only good way to prevent hiv and other std’s.

despite the stigma of hiv being a gay illness, it is transmitted through body fluids coming into contact with mucus membranes.  this means anyone with body fluids who is hiv positive can infect anyone with mucus membranes, although the amount of hiv in sweat and saliva is minimal and there is no evidence that a person can become infected through spit of sweat or mosquito bites.  hiv can be spread from person to person via oral, vaginal and anal sex.  gay ppl are not more likely to get hiv than any other person having unprotected sex of any kind.

even though science has recognized this fact, religious right legislation continues to place the blame of hiv at the feet of the lgbtqa community.  it is demonized as a gay illness or a lighting bolt by god to strike down the promiscuous and sexually active.  therefore, public sexual education and training is ignored and rarely offered.  most states rely on abstinence only sex ed. many times falsify facts about the effectiveness of condoms, which does not stop sex but does stop ppl from using condoms during sex or using them incorrectly.  when condoms are used correctly and consistently the spread of hiv and other std’s are halted almost entirely.  there are many ppl who have protected sex with hiv positive ppl and stay negative because they used condoms.   

when i see legislation against lgbtqa ppls such as not being able to donate blood or organs or an hiv positive person going to prison for having protected sex, i think it is disgusting and continues to play into creating the illusion that gay ppls are the carriers of the hiv virus and are more prone to becoming positive-which is not true at all.  it is discrimination and radically demoralizing.  all blood and organs are screened before transplant or infusion.  the reason for this is because many illnesses can be transmitted through these processes, and it is not only gay ppl who carry the illnesses but all ppl.  there are no special gay organs or blood.  there are no special straight organs or blood.  blood and organs are pretty much universally the same and if you have compatible types, it doesn’t matter who it comes from, it is compatible.  those who have tested hiv positive should have the decency to disclose this information to any partner, but should it be mandated by the law?  i am not sure.  for one thing, there are many ppl who are not aware they are positive, and if they are careful and responsible….i mean if i found out that i had a partner that was positive and knew and didn’t tell me before hand, i would be upset, but it is also my responsibility to make sure that when i engage in sexual activity i am doing it proactively safe.

instead of spending money on creating laws and prosecuting ppls and perpetrating ignorance and discrimination, we should be putting more money into safe sex education and free access to birth control and condoms.  we should be informing every single human being the real cause for the spread of hiv and std’s and how to protect themselves.  our society should make hiv and std testing free and accessible to everyone, despite sexual orientation.  without these true life methods, the spread of hiv and other std’s are going to continue. 

please hand your uterus over

irritable uterus

look, i understand that some women see conservative theories as some sort of way to hold on to patriarchal values that make them feel safe and snug.  it must be kinda nice to not have to think for yourself, i guess.  i have never been that sort of gal, but i have seen them and talked to them and they scare me kinda.  my sister is one of those girls.

but there is a line between your backassedwards view of family sanctity and insanity!

this is an unfinished list of women who are doing their best to take away the few rights that women have, and in my opinion they should hand their uterus’s over for medical evaluation and to prevent breeding:

ann coulter, mary fallin, sally kern, michelle bauchman, sarah pallin, any and all bush women-if you married into it or you are related by blood it is the same-please mail in your uterus!

now i see that i look a bit like a democrat in that i have only listed very radical radical rightwinged women.  well, for the most part, the women i have met in the democratic party are at least down to talk about equal rights.  i have met some really bad ass democrat women who were just anarchist who have never been introduced to true anarchist theory.  constance johnson is one of those women.  if you don’t know who she is please look it up bc she is a tidal wave of a great gal pal!  also, i have seen many women of the left seriously on the front lines of promoting EQUAL rights for ppls, queer ppls, ppls with vaginas, ppl of color, trans ppl, disabled ppl.  so at least when having a serious political talk with a democrat you are not 300 years apart when it comes to the validity of human beings, for the most part.

the facts are this-i have this body, it is my body, i get to move my body how i want to move my body, i get to decide when i am going to eat, sleep, and fornicate and with who i am going to do those things.  i have this brain, my brain is functioning, my thoughts are rational and valid, i have an above average iq, i am capable of forming thoughts all by myself, my brain can receive sensory information, decipher it and then make my body act accordingly, my brain is just as good as any person with an xy chromosomal pattern.  my body and my brain function together.  my brain tells my body to have sex w someone bc of whatever reason (there are many factors that drive sexual behavior:love, desire, money, a need to breed, a need to feel beautiful, magic, lust and so on and so on) and that is what i can do. that is what i am going to do.  if my body responds by having a chemical reaction with a foreign material, ie unwanted pregnancy, my brain says these are my options… brain weighs those options and propels my body to preform the best option my brain sees fit.  and that is how it is.

noone tells me what to do with my body or my brain.  i decide that, uterus and all!  i decide who to have sex with and who to show my  boobs to.  i decide what i want to eat, which is usually a more difficult decision than who to have sex with.  i will not stop doing that.  i don’t care what the law says, this is my body and i will act according to my body and brain’s desires and needs.  i do not care if you pass legislation telling me that you get to control aspects of my body-you don’t ever.  i am capable of finding a way to do what my body and brain needs done.  i don’t care if you pass laws regulating if i can think or not.  i am going to.  i don’t care if you pass laws telling me how to eat and how to look and what to wear and when to shave.  i am going to do what i am going to do because i am a valid human being.

your laws have shown me that being a human being is not enough.  that you must be a certain type of human being in order to be taken seriously and to be given a shot at this american pie inthe sky life.  well, your life doesn’t look so fab to me.  your pie is bland!  how can you have freedom when you are regulated?  and at what point does it stop?  do you get to tell me that i can only have my period every other month or the amount i am allowed to bleed?  do you get to tell the ppl of color how much pigment they are allowed to have?  do you get to regulate our urination the same way you try to regulate our sexuality?  see, my brain tells me all that is hogwash and i don’t want to play.  i don’t feel like pretending it’s all good anymore.  i don’t want your brand of freedom.  i am doing just fine on my own!