climate ground zero update

climate ground zero update

from the facebook page of mike roselle:

“We will be here every day until we get justice. Until justice flows like a mighty river. Until it lifts all boats. Until we are truly free from the bondage of big coal, big oil and the cult of death. Free the Earth! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!”

“Today I’m celebrating by putting sugar in my coffee. No food for four days. Never felt better. James Guin McGuinness and I go back to the steps today at noon. It is too cold to do more than four hours at a time. The Capital Police are nice but won’t arrest us. Those who agree with our message stop and talk. Those who don’t avoid us and look the other way. Everyone knows the truth about MTR but here in West Virginia few have any hope that this state can be freed from the Coal Bosses that have plundered Appalachia for over a century. But maybe a few is enough if we stand together….”

that is right these fellas are kickin it at the west virginia capital for thanksgiving!!!  hells yeah!!!!



  1. Thomas Cochran · November 30, 2013


    • cakeleevannila · November 30, 2013

      is that an indication that the blog was not up to par? ~shrugs shoulders~sorry

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